Random Bites in August

Why do vodka companies feel the need to create all these new flavors? Can't we just leave vodka alone?

Recently tried (only because the bartender was kind enough to let us sample it):

Marshmallow flavored vodka shots with a head of whipped cream (from the can, of course). If you like sweet, then this is for you.

Utterly gross.

We are neighbors with "Mr. Googootz" at the Militant Garden, whom I have still not met to this day.

He must come out to tend to his garden before 8 a.m. His cucuzza squash is obscene.
Each one must weigh 30 lbs.

I am waiting for one to accidentally drop on the ground so I can make that yummy giambotta again! (I used my foot to show you the actual size of one of them).

I had the pleasure of sampling Lesser Evil Snacks.

Delicious kettle corn and krinkle sticks made with all natural ingredients, therefore are naturally lower in fat and calories.

The black and white kettlecorn with cocoa is absolutely evil, I couldn't stop eating them!


August pizza update:

Amazing late summer farm pie at Arturo's in Maplewood. Heirloom NJ squash, fresh mozzarella w/ NJ beans and Parmigiano Reggiano.

You in?

I have never wanted a convertible before, but when I saw this beauty on the Garden State Parkway, it made me think twice!

Daily Bread:

Sadly, summer is almost over, and my heirloom tomato sandwiches swiped with Hellman's on wheat toast will just be a faded memory until next year.

Our perennial garden is going crazy at the end of the season.
The hyssop (also known as "agastache") is a butterfly magnet.

I swear there are 30 Monarch butterflies on the plant at one time. It's a beautiful site.

Have a Happy & Safe Labor Day weekend!

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Ginny Lee said…
I saw smoked salmon vodka at the liquor store the other day. My college daughter's friend favors birthday cake vodka. the apocalypse is nigh.....
can't wait to have a garden next year, hoping I get tomatoes as prolific as yours :)
Gourmet Goddess said…
Love your "random" entries.

Alas, my summer garden has finished, just planted swiss chard , lettuce and looking forward to planting some lacinato kale early next week .

Anonymous said…
I'm in! MY Henry's starting up his weekly orchestra rehearsals once again in Maplewood soon, and all I can think about are the polpette & pizza pies @Arturo's! Waiting to read your review of The Laurel...
Why do they create all of the flavors of so many things. Do you know how hard it is to find a can of plain whole tomatoes. I don't want the extra this and that, I just want the tomatoes. Same with vodka. Marshmallow? Yuck. However espresso coffee vodka from Van Gogh is fabulous cold from the freezer for an after dinner drink.

Have a great weekend Stacey.
Christine said…
Holy cow, that's some squash! Glad you used your foot as a reference. The thing (squash, not your foot) is huge! That pizza sounds wonderful and the marshmallow thing, yes, gross!
Isn't squash woody and tough when it gets that large. Geeze. Your tomato is beautiful.
Lots of interesting thoughts! I agree, what's with all of the vodka flavors! LOL!

have a great holiday Stacey!
Marie said…
In random order:

Your butterflies are painted ladies :-)

You have a very tann and well-manicured foot.

Thank you for hating that drink. Thank you. Still mentally scrubbing my tongue.

Pizza looks delish.

Thank you for the Hellman's and tomato idea :-)

Marie said…
Tann is French for tan...