PORTA, Asbury Park : Let me in!!!!!!!

I love being able to try new restaurants as part of my "job"!

I have been watching the city of Asbury Park turn into a food mecca, as well as a cultural and great beach area over the past 10 years, I did a post on the city's gentrification back in 2008.

Art galleries, coffee shops, pubs, antique shops and bakeries are all opening in this once beachfront ghost town.

I can remember going to a Bruce Springsteen benefit concert about 12 years ago at historic Convention Hall. The proceeds were to raise funds for the city of Asbury Park and its then restoration, and feeling so sad when I left, wondering what the fate of this magnificent building and city would be.

The ceilings were peeling, the frescoes torn and walls crumbling, all from years of neglect and corrupt local government running this once popular ocean front destination into a run down, crime ridden hole (the riots in 1970 didn't help matters either).

Over the last few years, folks started moving back into the community (making it a real community again) and though it has taken a while, Asbury Park is on its way back to its old glory days.

Porta is such a place.

Housed in a huge, once abandoned nightclub on a lonely strip of road, this now chic building summons you right in!
Pull over, open the door, come in and sit down.

Porta, means door in Italian, and there are fabulous, colorful wooden doors hanging and mounted all over the place. Industrial fixtures and mess hall community farm tables with amazing fresh food to match.

Let me in. I want to stay forever.

First let me say this place gets PACKED and LOUD after 7 pm, so if you want to chat, you might want to go for lunch instead, when the vibe is a bit older (like me), or sit outside on the patio, where there is a real bocce ball court and the kids can roam and there is a little more peace and quiet.

Now for the food.

Holy crap. This place is ridiculous.

I had heard about the Napoletana pizzas made in 2 wood fired ovens imported from Naples. But I wasn't prepared to love them this much. The toppings and combinations are spectacular. They use all farm to fork, local ingredients, and all mozzarella and ricotta are made in house.

Salads are big enough for 3 people to share. Here we had the "Bibber", made with local Bibb lettuce, roasted asparagus, shaved raw beets, pistachios with a mint buttermilk dressing. Enough for a meal alone.

Next, I tried the squid ink fettuccine, with clams, zucchini coins, mint, garlic and white wine. This beautiful bowl of pasta was only $10. WOW. Enough said.

The wine list is my style, with all Italians, and my favorite fizzy lifting drink, Lambrusco (and I'm NOT talking Riunite) from Emilia Romagna. Wines are affordable and a lot of thought was put into this interesting list.

Are we in Brooklyn? cause it sure feels like it. No, it's Jersey, and we can actually make good food here too.


Amazing pie called the "14 1/2" made with mozzarella, ricotta, spicy sopressata, chilis and San Marzano tomatoes......I'm sweating, it's so good.

We also tried the margherita, fresh, simple and gorgeous.

The fellow sitting next to us, who doesn't eat mushrooms, nuts, vegetables, anchovies, olives, wine, won't try anything different (you get the picture), ordered the meatball pie (what else?) and that was also amazing. (No, I didn't know him, but started bossing him around immediately, making him try new things.....his bad luck for sitting next to me).

No dessert for us, cause we were full, but I will be back, sooner than later.

Too bad everything I love is an hour drive from my house, but this place is worth the ride, even if we aren't spending the day at the beach.

"Well I'm ridin' down Kingsley, figurin' I'll get a drink...." Something in the Night, Bruce Springsteen-1976

911 Kingsley St
Asbury Park, NJ


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Susan said…
Hi Stacey,
I love your restaurant posts. So good to find out about new places to visit, especially at the shore, where I grew up. I remember Asbury Park, went to high school there actually just for one year, and it's good to know it's coming back to life!
Thanks, Susan
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh you have me longing for a drive to Asbury Park and Porta. It's a definite must-do in the next couple of weeks. Is it just a seasonal place - or is it open year round? Thanks Stacey (and Hen) for being my " scout."
The JR said…
most dudes won't mind too much if a pretty lady bosses them around
Unknown said…
Not only is the food amazing, but the Porta is an awesome bar at night. Two DJs and dance floors. There's a line around the block to get in after 10 pm.

It's my favorite place to be on Friday nights.

And Ciao Chow Linda, it is opened year round. I was amazed at how many people were there in January.
TheJimBar said…
Hi Stac, Jim from Montville. Rock and Rock History too. Porta used to be the Club "The Student Prince". Bruce used to play there back in the early 70's. Part of the legendary Asbury Park "Circuit".

"Well I'm ridin' down Kingsley, figurin' I'll get a drink...." Something in the Night-1976
Marla said…
Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your blog for the past year. Your food looks great and I have a bunch of recipes bookmarked. I tend not to post comments on blogs but wanted you to know you have a loyal reader in Durango, CO.
Stacey Snacks said…
Hey Jim,
Always words of wisdom from you! I forgot about the song mentioning Kingsley! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Come to Asbury Park on Saturday night, they have First Saturday celebrations each month. The stores stay open late and street musicians play. Tomorrow's weather looks great too.
TheJimBar said…
Stac, how cool is this...


It was at 911 Kingsley Street in Asbury Park where Bruce Springsteen met Clarence Clemons for the first time in 1971 at a bar called the Student Prince.
Lisa Nickerson said…
Oh wow ... this place looks GREAT. I wonder if that building is where I saw the Clash so very many years ago (30?? really?) :)

I'm glad to hear Asbury Park is renewing itself. I was incredibly sad last time I was there (which was MANY years ago).

That salad is making my mouth water at 9:30 AM. on a Sunday usually reserved for my favorite pumpernickel bagel.
Dana said…
I want to go!!! Have you watched Boardwalk Empire? It's fascinating and really entertaining. Also, did you read the profile of Bruce in the recent New Yorker? A great read. I never tire of hearing about him.
Dana said…
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Ann from IL said…
Great post. Enjoyed!
Paulie Gee said…
Mary Ann Nd I want to go back with you on a Monday.