Got Tomatoes?

This time of year, I eat tomatoes at least twice a day.

I have so many (we overdid it and put in 10 different varieties....), so I have a tomato sandwich w/ mayo at least once a day and try to find ways to use a tomato in my breakfast omelet and salads.

I have been giving tomatoes away to neighbors, the bank teller, the mailman, my hairdresser and even my dentist.

I wish they wouldn't all come at once!

My fave varieties so far have been the Brandywine heirloom and the Striped German variety.
They are super large, funny looking, and taste like a tomato should taste like. I can smell them all day on my kitchen counter, the aroma is like a delicious perfume to me, and I love them.

Here, I made a great salad by slicing the heirlooms into wedges, putting some fresh mozzarella and a warm 6 minute boiled egg around them.

Sprinkle w/ sea salt, a splash of your favorite vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil.

Toss some capers around and finish with some white anchovies and fresh parsley.

A salad is born.


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Katie C. said…
I have the same problem so I have peeled and frozen some this year but still, I give them away too. Hopefully when I resurrect the lovelies in mid-winter, it will bring all the deliciousness of summer back!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
What a bounty of tomatoes! I love those heirloom varieties and wish I had planted some. My four plants are keeping me plenty happy though and I'm eating them twice a day too. I plan to freeze some of the plum tomatoes in a plastic bag - straight from the garden. When you need one for a soup or stew, just take from the freezer, run under some water and the skin peels right off.
Anonymous said…
How about the quality of your tomatoes? I don't grow 'em, and the Jersey beefsteaks from my Farmer's Market have been really disappointing. All summer long, I remember only one truly perfect one, red, real true deep red, all the way thru. Used it for my husband's brown bag lunch sandwich. All the others have had spongy unripe spots. Is it the weather, GMO? The corn's been bad too. Disappointing!
Stacey Snacks said…

I hate to brag, but my tomatoes have been nothing short of SPECTACULAR!

Best tomato season ever for us, and I never plant beefsteak tomatoes, hate 'em. BORING.

I have 10 varieties, one "All Meat" for slicing, the rest heirlooms, complex, beautiful, spicy, different, sharp and what a Jersey tomato should taste like.

I will give you some of mine, you can do a taste test!

Lisa Winkler said…
Happy to be added to the hand out list. No shame!
The JR said…
The brandywines are my husbands favorite too.
Bluebird NY said…
I agree with your faves, Stacy! This is my second year growing Brandywine and German Striped tomatoes and we just love them. We also like Cherokee Purple. And as far as plants go, the San Marzano sauce tomatoes are the stars of our garden - totally resistant to blight and pests, and beautiful!
Not only are we growing our own but friends keep giving me big beautiful tomatoes they don't want wasted, I've been trying to come up with different recipes and standard caprese salads are a regular almost every night. Congrats on your prolific garden!
James said…
Brilliant salad!! I LOVE the white anchovy and caper additions! Glad I bumped into you guys at The Tewks!
No tomatoes yet in Montana, but I'm drooling over your salad....and the thought of a mayo sandwich.
Marie said…
Hmmm. Love anchovies in any form. Picnic idea. Thank you :-)
Anonymous said…
How much to shipto California ? Mine were spectacular until we had a hot week, and they all burned.
ODing on tomatoes is a very good thing. My neighbor and I are sharing garden space and he's the one who chose several varieties of tomatoes new to me. He's on vacation this week. Guess who gets to more than her share of the great harvest?
Lori Lynn said…
"I wish they wouldn't all come at once!"
I thought you meant the neighbors were all coming at once. Got a good chuckle.

The new-born salad looks fabulous.
Dana said…
I think I saw tomato plants in my new yard. If I did, I can't tell you how happy I will be to have a tomato bounty. Even in a nice and warm summer, Seattle's tomatoes are sad and mealy. Can't wait for the real thing.
Joanne said…
I'm making a super simple salad like this tonight for lunch tomorrow! Can't get any better than that.
Anonymous said…
This is my first year growing tomatoes. I have some striped Germans in my bed as well, but I can't tell when they're ripe. Suggestions?
Stacey Snacks said…
There is no mistaking there ripeness they will be huge pink with yellow on the bottom and full of juice. They should be ripe about now if u live in the northeast. They r my fave! Big big beauties.

If they're green they're not ripe