Fresh Figs w/ Olive Paste Crostini

I always buy fresh figs whenever I see them. I can't resist. You know how I feel about them.

I have no idea what I am going to make with them before I bring them home, but I always find some way to enjoy these beauties. Pairing them with a piece of cheese is good enough for me.

Here the lucky guests got to have their fresh figs and cheese too!

Everyone asks if we have a fig tree on our patio. The truth is, we did for years, but the little Kadota figs only produced maybe 6 ripe figs a year, 3 for the squirrels, 2 for the birds and 1 for me.

We used to bring the tree indoors during its dormancy, and leave it in the dark stairwell of our basement, which was connected to the outside. It was such a slow producer, and I was constantly disappointed each September, that I am ashamed to say, I gave up on him and gave him away to a good home.

The New York Times article on Wednesday about fig trees all over Brooklyn, many of them brought over from Sicily via boat long ago, made be feel badly about giving up on my fig tree.

I have talked my husband into planting a new fig tree for next season. I will give it another go.................

Slice fresh ripe figs in half or quarters and lay them on top of homemade olive paste on toasted crostini.

Top with a curl of Parmigiano Reggiano and a drizzle of balsamic syrup.

Almost too pretty to eat, but we did.

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Ciao Chow Linda said…
pazienza. pazienza. My large, in-the-ground fig tree is about five years old and has yet to produce one ripe fig. This year however, maybe it's the early summer, maybe it's just its time, but it looks like I may get my first "real" harvest. Earlier this summer, I dug out a little sapling from the main tree and plan to keep that wintered over in a pot in the garage, in addition to the main tree that I cover every winter (with difficulty). If you like, I can dig out a new sapling next spring for you.
Susan..... said…
I finally drove to Madison to buy produce at the Whole Foods. I think I need to go their more than 2x a year. Problem there is putting me in a Whole Foods produce department is like others in a shoe store, I always buy way more then I need.
I did buy a six pack of figs and I am going to go fig crazy this weekend and I know where to get a plethora of fig ideas.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Joanne said…
My parents have a fig tree but it's really hit or miss every year. I love the idea of the sweet sweet figs paired with the salty olives!
Great appetizer. A neighbor down the street has a fig tree. Don't know her well but her next door neighbor who I do know brought me some of the figs ripe from the tree. So yummy!
Not a fig fan and even had a tree in California. We did have lots of critters visiting us which was fun to see. Your Tourte Aux Blettes was fabulous. Thank you!
Did you say FIGS? I'm all over whatever can include figs! Even my childhood fig newtons! Great recipe!
The arrangement looks very pretty and delicious. I like figs too.
Tony planted a fig tree this year, it started out green with big leaves and then it stopped growing, no figs, nada!