What's for Lunch? Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Monday To Do List:

Make a bunch of grilled vegetables, so you can have yummy sandwiches all week long.

I like mine with fresh basil from the garden and sliced fresh mozzarella on toast swiped w/ basil pesto.

Lunch is served.
Happy Monday.

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KusiNation said…
wow this is yummy.
Nice work and cool blog.
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Joanne said…
This...would kind of be my most favorite lunch. Ever.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
That is one delightful lunch. Lucky Henry.
I could live on grilled veggies, I make them every week like you!
Anonymous said…
Think this is the best recipe for veggie sandwich? Prove it on tiptap.com
Anonymous said…
going back to uni...this would be my ultimate launch and of course my always favorite roasted asparagus and corn salad! Thank you so much for making uni life so much better :)