We've Got Beans! and I'm Too Sexy to Garden!

Not bad for our first real season at the Militant Community Garden.
Each week we have a new little harvest! It's very exciting.

I have no annoying emails to share with you this week from the nitwits at the Militant Community Garden, it's been very quiet, except for Sunday morning's incident.

A woman with a big floppy hat came up to me and said that "I was too sexy to be gardening" and "could I dress differently so her husband wouldn't gawk". I stood there in amazement, then realized I think she was being cute. Still not sure.

Next week I am showing up in a bikini.

Back to the harvest:

This week we harvested bush beans!

I have enough beans to harvest for the next few weeks, so you will be seeing some green bean recipes here.

Here's how I prepared the beans:

I boiled the beans for 5 minutes and sauteed them with some of the gorgeous homemade pancetta from Ben at Mossuto's Market.

Tossed them with a tablespoon of butter to finish them and salt and pepper.

Served with some garlic bread and fresh mozzarella.

Happy days of summer.

Proper Attire Required.

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mil said…

Where did you get the cartoon of the bosomy (is that a word?) gardener? Very cute.
The beans look luscious.... nothing like a fresh green bean.
RAW, right off the vine.
Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.
Anonymous said…
Your fellow gardener in the floppy hat sounds pretty passive agressive to me - smiling as she turned the knife. Why do enterprises like your garden attract such controlling persons? Argh.

Lovely beans.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure that Henry is sexy while gardening. That MIL sure raised a handsome one! Are you going to share your bikini n' bush beans snaps? Pole beans? Broad beans? Gonna be one long, hot summer!
Katie C. said…
I have a small...er, problem. My guy thought he was buying bush beans but he got POLE beans. They are planted inside a raised bed with netting to keep out the deer. The darn things have grown so much and entangled themselves into the netting such that I can't get the side of the enclosure to open more than about four inches! The beans are even coming out the top which is over five feet tall - help! I think we are going to have to cut a hole in the netting. I will be hopefully looking forward to making your bean recipes VERY soon or you may hear me yelling as the bean vines trap me in the garden....
Anonymous said…
I think you're too sexy to be in that garden too.....I've seen you in person!
I say next time wear "daisy dukes" and a tube top! Nice beans!
Dewi said…
he he he .. I can not wait for you to show up in the bikini :).
Ann from Illinois said…
Too funny.......
Beans look lovely, but that pancetta! Nothing like that in MT. Wonder how you make that?

And, what were you wearing in the garden?
The JR said…
Tell her you'll be naked next time......
redleopard2853 said…
Stacey - Organic gardening requires proper attire. Nice beans you kids are raising.... Enjoy-Debby
She's just jealous Stace! You couldn't make this stuff up, I love your updates and your beans are perfect!
Katie C. said…
I have to write this referencing my post above. Our raised bed with the pole beans got clobbered by a tulip poplar that exploded from a lightning strike in Friday night's storm. (northern VA) We are still cleaning up the mess and we still have no electricity. I hate the amount of food that I have had to throw away. Such a waste and it's been stinkin' HOT!!! I came to work to sit in a room with a/c ;-) I guess I'll be buying my beans this year.
Oui, Chef said…
Awesome. I am now anxiously awaiting your bikini post!