Treat: Corsino Cantina NYC

How do you choose a restaurant to take an out of town guest, especially one who is a "foodie"?

For me, the place has to have all the right ingredients: Friendly service without attitude; fun neighborhood (preferably below 25th St.); great food in a casual atmosphere and parking available on the street! (key for me).

Corsino Cantina is such the place.

We stumbled into this casual eatery one January night, freezing, looking for shelter and a good bourbon drink.

The bartender welcomed us in out of the cold and made us fantastic Manhattans w/ organic bourbon and brought out crostini w/ chicken liver to warm us right up. We liked this place instantly and couldn't wait to go back.

It's located in the West Village, one block from the trendy Meat Packing District, but just far enough away to be peaceful without the rowdy frat boys and 20 somethings who keep their sunglasses on at night.

The wines by the glass are all Italian (no Chardonnay at this place, thankfully), and are well thought out and special, as are their small batch vodkas, bourbons and gins.

It's osteria style, with antipasti and crostini galore and a few market fresh main dishes to choose from.

I had the pleasure of meeting Seattle blogger, Dana Treat here last week for a wonderful Tuscan style lunch. Tons of vegetable and homemade pasta dishes for my vegetarian friend to choose from.

My favorite veggie side dish in the city is the big bowl of fried brussels sprouts w/ chilis and breadcrumbs. It is ridiculous.

I met Dana years ago thru blogging, and we have remained friends ever since. She has a great vegetarian blog and is culinary director at a cool store in Seattle called the Book Larder, a place that sells cookbooks, and offers cooking classes as well as having book signings and other fabulous food stuff going on. She is also a mom of 2 little boys and teaches yoga.

The crostini is always excellent. We shared the fresh ricotta w/ honey; fennel w/ orange & walnuts; caramelized onion w/ boquerones and many more.

The burrata on toast w/ broccoli rabe and pepperanata is orgasmic, as is everything else on the menu.

Next time you are downtown, make sure you check out Corsino!

* And if you are going to get ink, make sure it's meaningful (no tramp stamps please). I love Dana's beautiful chive tattoo.
It's original and beautiful, just like she is.

Corsino Cantina
637 Hudson St.
Ph 212.242.3093

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Lisa said…
Sounds amazing, too bad I am in Virginia. Now need to figure out the fried brussels sprout dish, it looks to die for. Thanks for I am starving.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Thanks Stacey - can't wait to try out this place. All those crostini (they look more like crostoni) look sensational - and those brussels sprouts I've got to try at home. LOVED the tat too! Go Stacey and Dana.
Heather said…
Love the chive tattoo! So pretty and meaningful. So nice that you get to try all these great places close to home with other bloggers. Have a nice weekend!
Anonymous said…
"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." - Sophia Loren. What do YOU owe it to, Ms. Snacks? (Yes, I peeked at Dana's coverage of Corsino Cantina.) You're East Coast gorgeous, she's West Coast darling, and that's the cutest tat I've ever seen.
Corsino said…
Thank you Stacey. Means a lot to us you were able to get shelter from that winter weather and above all catch-up with a friend. See you soon!
Joanne said…
I was so sad that I couldn't see Dana while she was in town but at least now I know she was well entertained and well fed! Love her and you!
What a lovely post Stacey. I'm going to save this one so I can look at the photographs again and again. I'm you are that close to great food. Buffalo burgers are gourmet treats up here!
Dana said…
That meal was extra special for me. The food was incredible (I'm still dreaming of all the dishes we had) but the company was even better. I love spending time with you and hope I can find a place close to as good for your visit to SF next fall!
OMG that burrata looks to die for! Thanks for getting me all worked up at 10:45PM, I'm getting up to raid the fridge now. Dana is a doll she's so tiny, maybe I need to do Yoga, I'll look into it after I grab something to eat!
myrtle said…
Oh my! That looks very delicious.=D