Meet Me at Mossuto's Market

While on vacation at the Jersey Shore last week, our friends took us to a place near Sea Girt called Mossuto's Market for dinner.

Mossuto's is a huge Italian market with its own bakery, pizza counter, bread counter, and butcher shop.

Can you say Cotechino?
Guanciale? (pork jowl)
Capicola? (in Jersey, "gabagool").

Ben and his sister Rosella make EVERYTHING in house.

This crazy guy cures his own pancetta, makes his own pizza dough, his own fior di latte, and uses fresh tomatoes for his pizza sauce. When does he sleep?

They have a great Italian wine list by the glass as well as a full bar and dinner menu. I was instantly smitten.

The Napoletana style pizza was truly the best we have had in New Jersey, and I say that with confidence.

On one night we tried the salsiccia and a margherita, and on a return visit we savored the zucchini and caramelized onion pie.

The word is out and Peter Reinhart was sighted sitting at the pizza bar enjoying the pies.

Chicken Scarpiello with vinegar peppers was to die for, as were all of the homemade cookies and canoli.

The best dish (and I was too busy eating it to photograph it) was the pork Milanese. A huge flattened, breaded Berkshire pork chop with an arugula salad on top. Unreal.

I am thrilled that there is finally a place in my mostly red sauce state, that cares about food. Everything is about the fresh ingredients and nose to tail philosophy.

We have a new destination at the Jersey shore.

See you at Mossuto's Market.
2029 Highway 35
Wall Township, NJ 07719

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Anonymous said…
Where was this gem when we were making tracks for Manasquan and Spring Lake for years?
Worth a trip NOW!
Joe said…
Tried this place a few weeks ago, best chicken parm I have had in a long time. Packed house on the weekends, make a reservation.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - Thanks for this post. It's worth making a trip just to visit this place, but I'll combine it with a day at the beach. Hope you had a fun week.
It reminds me of a small version of Eataly. I will definitely be trying it when I am in that area.
The JR said…
How can you choose when there is so much to look at!
Your pictures made it almost possible for me to smell the goodies in the restaurant. Takes me back to a small Italian store in Trenton years ago.
Lenka Reznicek said…
First time commenting here, but I just love your blog and recipes! Wanted to say thank you for posting about Mossuto's - I grew up in Trenton (still have family that lives near Wall and the 'Squan), so I'll definitely try this place next time I'm in town.
Amy V. said…
How have I never heard of this place?!? It is 15 minutes from where I live. May need to drive over this weekend - looks great! Want the pork!
What a great place Stace!