Hospitality: Friday Night Snacks

Noun: The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Friday night is usually patio night when the weather permits.

We have cocktails and I make some appetizers and some lucky (ha!) guests get to join us. Usually, it's first come, first served, whoever sits down on the chair first.

This past Friday night was girl's night. My husband was out, so I made some pre-dinner treats.

I made delicious avocado salad spoons, sort of like a guacamole, but with cubes of avocado and hatch chilis. I finally got to use the little Chinese soup spoons that I have had for years.

Second on the list were ploughman's sandwiches. The Brits can call me out on this, but I have always called these "ploughman's sandwiches".

They consist of bread swiped with chutney made w/ onions and apple (you can use Major Grey's or any other chutney you like), a slice of GOOD English farmhouse cheddar and a little pickle. I happened to use my homemade raisin bread.
I could eat these all day.

Last, but not least was this delicious artichoke & bean spread from Running with Tweezers. I added roasted peppers that I made, and some micro greens for some color. Served with flatbreads, delicious.

Specialty cocktail of the evening: Pomegranate lemonade with Tito's vodka and a sprig of fresh basil.

A great start to a great summer weekend!


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Kathy Walker said…
What a great way to kick off the weekend!
Anonymous said…
oh! is there a seat for me?
Joanne said…
What a delicious girls night!
I'm the avocado bites.
I like your Friday night patio parties!