4th of July Snacks: Cherry Tomato & Ricotta Crostini

Here is one of my favorite ways to serve cherry tomatoes.
Perfect for your 4th of July party.

On a large baking sheet, arrange cherry tomatoes and drizzle liberally w/ olive oil and kosher salt. I like to mix red and yellow for a nice effect.

Roast tomatoes for 20-30 minutes at 400F until blistering. Remove from sheet pan to a bowl with all the nice juices. Can be made a few hours before and left at room temperature (don't refrigerate the tomatoes, they will solidify with the oil and change texture).

Toast up a sliced baguette and spread each toast with FRESH ricotta cheese (Trader Joe's is decent).

Spoon some of the roasted tomato mixture on top of each toast and drizzle with a thick balsamic syrup just before serving.

Garnish each toast with a small basil or arugula leaf and serve.


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This looks good. We will be eating crostini for dinner with the heat in the next few days. Have you tried the new balsamic glaze from trader joes? It is great and I don't have to make my own balsamic drizzle anymore.
Patsyk said…
I'm with Lisa... I think this would make a great light pre-dinner snack over the next few days!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Pre-dinner snack? I could eat a ton of this and call it dinner. It has all the food groups I need (except chocolate)
Joanne said…
These are crostini heaven! Although I might just end up eating them for dinner...when I accidentally devour eight in one sitting.
can't wait for my tomatoes to show up! this looks like comfort food, especially with the ricotta! have a great weekend Stacey!
Lori Lynn said…
Balsamic syrup as a finishing touch is fabulous.
Love the colors too.
This is the best, I could eat this on a nice hot day for dinner!