Random Bites in May

I had this amazing spring pizza with local ramps and broccoli rabe. A special treat only in May.

My latest breakfast obsession:
An avocado stuffed with a scrambled egg w/ sea salt, of course. So good.

We are harvesting so much broccoli and beets in the garden, I can't keep up with the weekly harvest!

I love simple gifts these days.

My friend Dan gave me a dozen fresh heirloom chicken farm eggs the other day.
I used to desire jewelry, but fresh produce and eggs will do. (except from Henry for my birthday, of course!).

We had a little visitor while eating dinner on the patio last night. He seems to be friendly, though I will not be inviting him inside for a snack (and no, I will not be stomping on him either!).

My beautiful climbing roses are in full bloom for 2 weeks only in May. Show stoppers!

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mil said…

Your roses are gorgeous!!!!
And the broccoli and beets, ditto.
Enjoy the bounty.

The JR said…
Fresh from the garden, my favorite.
Anonymous said…
Pizza, mouse, avocado, eggs and house....all look nice!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous, I couldn't have said it better myself. ps I want a room painted that particular shade of soothing heirloom chicken egg green!
Claudia said…
Hmmmm I have way too many inside mouse tales to not share. But all those random bites - just deciding what to do first.
Joanne said…
I used to sometimes eat an avocado for breakfast in college and my roommate thought I was so weird. But it kept me full for SO LONG.
Jeanne said…
the colors of those eggs are gorgeous!
Bluebird NY said…
All lovely...even your little field mouse visitor!
Jenny B said…
I wish my broccoli and beets looked like yours! I will have to make a pizza like that with my broccoli rabe; it looks amazing!!!
Lori Lynn said…
Oh the roses!! Pizza looks great too.
Your house looks beautiful as well as the pizza!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I want that pizza --- and those roses - The house looks beautifully landscaped.