Militant Community Garden Harvest #3: Beets

It's beet time. We have so many lovely beets, I may turn red from all the beets I will be using this month.

Our yellow beets from seed have a few more weeks to mature, but these red ace beets are ready to go.

I roasted a whole bunch for salads all week, and will be making a huge spinach salad w/ beets and bacon for our Memorial Day weekend party.

Here is my daily email from the happy folks at the militant community garden, for your reading pleasure:

"At least 3 pitchforks have disappeared from the Giving Garden shed. Only Giving Garden workers are allowed to use the tools in the shed for Giving Garden purposes only. If anyone has borrowed these tools or any others, we need them returned ASAP. They are clearly marked as Giving Garden tools."

So now we are gardening with thieves???? Maybe the rodents took the pitchforks.

We will surely be kicked out by tomato season.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Ashley Blom said…
I LOVE BEETS!!! They are my all-time favorite veggie :)
mil said…
Dil and Henry,
Your produce is beautiful. What pleasure in enjoying the literal fruits of your labors.
The "bouquet" of spinach is a picture!!
Enjoy the weekend.
Lisa said…
I am thinking the " Giving Gardeners" need to change their name. :-) In the meantime can't wait for some beet recipes, we have quite a few too.
Anonymous said…
Laurie Colwin has a super easy Beets w/Angel Hair Pasta recipe in MORE HOME COOKING - just in case you run out of ideas on how to deal with your beet-u-ti-ful bounty. I used to make it all the time - funny how certain dishes fall by the wayside. You have a great weekend, too!
Christine said…
Looking forward to beet recipes! Yum! Usually they don't make it past the foil wrapped roasting stage since I can never wait. MUST EAT THEM IMMEDIATELY ;)
The militant community garden people just crack me up!
Linda said…
Wow Stacey - You and Henry have turned out to be quite the gardeners - what a great crop of beets - one of my favorite veggies.
Love beets! I think i have some of those darling garden folks in my sphere out here in the boonies. Have a great holiday. Want to try that pasta and beets recipe.
Anonymous said…
ok, I had a lovely garden.. I now have a family of rabbits. fennel, cilantro, egg plant and pepper leave gone... Help anything I can do before tomatoes come in. Also sweet potatoes plants gone!
Eileen said…
NO! Don't tell me those are your beets! Mine aren't even coming up yet! It's only May! What are you doing with beets like that?
I'm so impressed with your bounty! Great job you two!