Cake au Fromage et Pruneaux

You know how much I love these French savory cakes.

In the UK and France these are called "cakes", however, here in the U.S. we would call this type of savory treat a "quick bread". There is no sugar in the batter, the sweetness comes only from the prunes.

This reminded me of the fig, bacon & chervil cake that I made a while back.

This recipe translates to a Goat Cheese, Prune & Pistachio Cake, and it was fantastic.

It is from the BBC show "The Little Paris Kitchen" with Rachel Khoo (who I LOVE!). I don't get the episodes here, so I have to watch them on the internet, oh well.

This was so delicious. I loved it. It's different and lovely. What else can I say?

I have done my best to convert the metric measurement to US equivalents, and I had excellent results.

Cake aux Fromage et Pruneaux (Savory Goat Cheese, Prune and Pistachio cake) (adapted from Rachel Khoo)

250g plain flour (2 cups)
15g baking powder (2 tbsp)
150g soft goat’s cheese, cut into small pieces (I used 4 oz.)
80g pistachios, roughly chopped (I used 1/3 cup)
100g dried pitted prunes, roughly chopped (about 1/2 cup)
4 free-range eggs
150ml olive oil (2/3 cup)
100ml milk (1/2 cup)
50g plain yogurt (I used a 5.4 oz. container of FAGE Greek plain yogurt)
1 tsp salt
pinch freshly-ground black pepper

Line a loaf pan with parchment paper.

Mix the flour, baking powder, salt & pepper, cheese, nuts and prunes together in a large bowl.

In a separate bowl, mix the eggs, oil, milk, and yogurt together. Pour batter into the flour mixture to incorporate.

Pour into loaf pan and bake at 350F (180C) for 35-40 minutes.

Remove the paper lined cake from the pan and set a rack to cool.

Of course, I sliced into this 2 seconds out of the oven, piping hot, and it was only delicious! It got better as the day went on.


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The JR said…
I luv pistachios! Sounds good to me.
mil said…

AND you convert measurements besides? You're too much.
Looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said…
Rachel Khoo, who? Gonna check her out. Have you ever watched TWO FAT LADIES? They mesmerize me. Your espresso cup & saucer's adorable, but the taste profile on the cake confuses me. One bite and maybe I'd understand. Very grown-up, sophisticated for Americans used to HFCS in EVERYTHING!
Amanda said…
I love Rachel Khoo, she is the like th eBetty Page of food. I love her tiny little French kitchen. She is very popular on the BBC.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I love these savory cakes and it would be perfect for my Italian chit-chat group. Thanks for introducing me to Rachel Khoo.
Oui, Chef said…
This looks delicious, and thanks for the tip on the chow, I'll have to look for it.
lisa is cooking said…
I'd like a piece with a glass of wine, please! The prunes and pistachios look great in the cut slice.
Anonymous said…
Stacey, once married to a Brit I was awash in recipes with metric measurements. I finally figured out how to get through them while (whilst!) keeping my sanity.

Metric measures. Spoons, cups. Easier to find now as many measuring cups come marked with both metric and standard measures. A Braun scale that has calibration for both standard and metric helped, too.

Conversions are the pits. Try to find the measuring gear. You'll be SO glad you did!

Joanne said…
I would have pegged this as more sweet than savory but either way it sounds delicious! Perfect breakfast treat!
Dana said…
I absolutely love breads like that one. Perfect with soup!
there's your olive oil again! Looks good with the yogurt and the goat cheese....
Anonymous said…
Thanks Stacey, this is amazingly delicious! I substituted dates because I had them in my pantry. I will be trying the fig, bacon & chervil cake next!
Shelly said…
I was watching the lil Paris Kitchen and knew I'd want to try the recipe. I found Rachel's recipe but was having a hard time converting (Math was never my strong suit ; )

Somehow, I came across your recipe--just as I was getting so frustrated with conversions that I almost gave up.

You Are A LIFESAVER! Or at least you saved me from a meltdown ; )

Thanks so much for doing the hard work so I could enjoy this recipe. It is DELICIOUS!!!

I'll be back to check out more of your stuff : )