Antique Collecting Series #1 Stoneware

I am going to have a new section on my site on Fridays once in a while, if anyone is interested.
It will be about antique collecting and their values.

Since I am an antiques dealer and appraiser by profession first, I receive many emails from readers asking me questions about their lamps, jewelry, dishes, etc.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my collections on the blog on a day when you may not feel like cooking. Hey, you might learn something and who knows, maybe you will turn into a collector.

I have been collecting since I was a kid.
I started out with dolls, then graduated to wacky packages (I gave away the disgusting gum inside), then moved on to fine dollhouse miniature furnishings. It was in my blood.

Both my parents and grandparents were collectors and I tagged along to auctions and antiques shops as a young kid.
"HANDS AT YOUR SIDE" was usually my mother's strict rule. And "NO TOUCHING".

I have many collections and I like to buy and sell. It's the thrill of the hunt to find that special piece and the thrill of the sale too!

Here I'll start off my first post showing you my modest collection of stoneware jugs.

These wonderful jugs and crocks are all c.1860-1900. They were used as utilitarian pottery to store liquor, wine, cream, and other liquids. They were usually owned by grocers, imprinted with the name of the store and address.

New York, Pa., New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut seem to be where most of these jugs were made, however, if you ever find a Southern crock or jug, the value is doubled because of the rarity.

Values are anywhere from $75. to a nondescript common crock, to $10,000. for a rare jug with figural cobalt decoration.

If you are interested in knowing more about antiques and their values, you can read a recent interview with me on Here In This House by Elise Jones.

I hope you have enjoyed!

What do you collect?

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So glad you are going to do this Stacey. Your stoneware collection is beautiful.

We collect Alfred Meakin Tea Leaf china. Don't see it very often where we live now. Maybe we need to make a trip to the midwest.

Have a great weekend. I will enjoy this new series and know I'll learn a lot too. We also love early American furniture.
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey,

Great post, and very informative! I look forward to more on antiques. Would also love to hear your favorite places to find them. Beth

What a great idea. You have so many beautiful collections to share with your readers.
Kristin Pinyan said…
Beautiful pottery! I've seen that sort of stoneware around, but I didn't know what it was used for. I collect depression glass - mainly Miss America, Iris and Herringbone and Cherry Blossom, but often whatever odd piece strikes my fancy. I love having pretty old things around my house.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I love this idea Stacey and can't wait to see what else you feature. That jug with the wooden lid is particularly beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Love the fancy free calligraphy here, Paterson (my birth town), Mendham, Lakewood. These objects are aesthetically pleasing, but they're also history - telling us how people lived, ate, worked. Every jug tells a story, don't it! I collect preowned leverback Liz Palacios earrings and Elite tin trays from England. Adore thrift clothes shopping! As a kid, it was super balls (my enormous collection is MIA, sob) and buttons, not the clothes types, but political, advertising, slogans etc. Thank you for sharing another area of your expertise - a new reason to be excited it's Friday!
I love your stoneware pottery pieces
, Stacy. I am always drawn to antique books and I own a few "treasures."
Eileen said…
I am so excited that you will be doing occasional Friday posts on antiques and collections. I'll be here every Friday to check it out. Whenever anyone asks me what I collect, I have to think very hard. I don't have a lot of any one thing. Rather a collection of interesting odds and ends. Now my sister -- that's another story.
Claudia said…
I love stoneware and couldn't pick a favorite. They are both traditional and filled with art and craft.
Dana said…
My parents, who were not collectors, used to say, "This is a Dana Don't Touch store." I don't collect anything but have always wanted to!
Lisa Nickerson said…
Great idea! I love the "Jersey Jugs!" I'm in the Estate Sale/Antique biz myself... and see so much day after day.

I started collecting ages ago too (lots of things that have since been sold) but I love ivory dice and/or anything sailor made, cloches, things under glass (bugs, butterflies), antlers, bleached old animal skulls, museum art posters (from 80's or earlier), art books, poetry books, hand painted signs, and probably most of all paintings...of course I love so much but have learned to let things go because too much clutter makes me anxious!
Melbourne Girl said…
I love this! I don't know if i am a collector or hoarder of things, not necessarily antique. I know i do like collecting vintage dress patterns though. That's about the extent of my collecting. They're lovely and they're practical, like your gorgeous stoneware.
Love it
Carol L. said…
This is fantastic Stacey. I love Antiques and browsing through History. Your stoneware is beautiful. A few years back I got into Antiques and Depression era dinnerware, military items from WWll,post cards, swanky swigs, compacts etc. Mainly because they were all packed into my late Mother-in-laws attic. :) Looking forward to your Friday Antique posts.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com
miranda said…
I am looking forward to your antique collection and telling us more about it. I collect Myott china, but getting hard to find. Miranda
Sheila said…
Stacey, I've been meaning to leave a comment for so long to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, and I have tried many of your recipes. Not a single one has ever failed, and every one has become a favorite. I'm in the appraisal business, and collect fine art. On a very limited budget! It is possible, with not alot of money to buy at auction, from "up and coming" artists, at community art fairs etc. Looking forward to hearing about your antique collection!
Elizabeth Corson said…
Is the Mendham NJ crock for sale ????