What's for Lunch? Asparagus Avocado Tartines

I loved this idea from 101 Cookbooks. I usually have a slice of toast w/ a schmear of avocado for breakfast, so why not have little mini tartines for lunch and share?

The more the merrier.

A tartine is just a fancy French word for an open faced sandwich.

This was perfect to make with my home grown asparagus, since I don't have many to spare yet.

I cut a few asparagus spears in half and sauteed them with a sliced garlic clove in a hot pan with olive oil for a few minutes.

I mashed an avocado in a bowl and added sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Spread the mash on toasted whole grain bread, then top with the sauteed asparagus spears.

Finish with some sliced almonds or toasted pepitas as Heidi does, and either slice in half or eat whole.

Enough for 2 people.


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Claudia said…
I'll be coming home with an avocado today.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful twist on Nigella's Breakfast Bruschetta. She swears by the the beneficial effect of avocado on the skin. In the GOOP in my inbox today - Gwynnie's raving about Italian roast pork sandwiches from Philly! See? You two really have a lot in common :0)
Dana said…
I love that Heidi. She is still one of my favorite bloggers. As are you! I love this idea for lunch. I get stuck in the salad zone.
Joanne said…
Heidi is such a genius. I've been meaning to make these since she posted them! So good.
Oui, Chef said…
I love smashed avocado on toast, but never thought to top it with anything else. This looks so light and delicious!
I've made something similar before, but without the asparagus and loved it. I always seem to have some uncooked asparagus left over in the refrigerator. This would be a perfect way to use it for a new twist to an old sandwich.
perfect lunch for my little one! colorful and healthy. yum