Special Places: The Able Baker

I don't usually go crazy for bakeries. Everything seems to be an overly sweet jelly donut or a stale chocolate layer cake (I will make an exception for the legendary Philly Fluff Cake from Natale's Bakery in Summit, NJ).

If you are a reader here, you know I am not a fondant or an icing girl, but a simple loaf or crumb cake addict (carrot cake being the only cake with icing that I love).

Cookies are good, cake is better, scones are best. My mantra.

Opened last summer, in a small town where my husband grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey, is The Able Baker.

I was excited when this special little place opened, with their kitschy graniteware coffeepots and vintage ovens. The bakers all wear bandannas, and I feel like I am in Brooklyn (and I don't mean Coney Island).

This special place serves the best La Colombe coffee, and is worth a weekly drive from my town to theirs for that cup and a scone.

Mrs. Able Baker (Julie, not pictured) keeps it sweet and simple. Cookies, 2 different scone flavors a day (ginger cranberry being my fave); some luscious cupcakes; lemon bars; a streusel coffee cake; brownies and a banana bread (gluten free one day a week!).

This is a crowded place on weekends located across the street from the Maplewood train, so they sell out of scones early on some days.

I love the small town feel and I love the treats even better.

I can be seen here most Wednesday afternoons.
Hope to see you there.

The Able Baker
187 Maplewood Ave.
Maplewood, NJ 07040

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Privatestock said…
I live in South Orange and STILL haven't been here! But I've heard a lot about the place.
mil said…
Ah, Maplewood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If only,...... you know who would be there too often.
My kind of "sweet" place.
Kathy Walker said…
What a cute little bakery!
Anonymous said…
No FAIR! The ONE day a week I'm in Maplewood's Monday, and they're closed! FYI - I'm making scones this weekend. Got my bag of TJ's dried wild blueberries at the ready. Thanks for the tip, Ms. Snacks!
Jennifer said…
I have heard about this place and the good coffee....will have to make the trip and check it out! Thanks for the tip, Maplewood is such a cool little town.
Foodiewife said…
I love places like this. Simple and good. I love scones, too. But, I am a frosting girl. As long as it's a good quality, top notch butter based frosting. I wish we had something like this where I live.