Deviled Eggs w/ Boquerones

If you are an anchovy hater, I can't say I blame you.
Little hairy, salty things packed in oil or salt waiting to be chopped up into a salad or thrown on a pizza (my sister-in-law's favorite).

Most people don't even realize that I've put the hated anchovies in a recipe. Anchovies are cooked down in a puttanesca sauce, or melted in a bagna cauda, and I love to tell the person at the end of the meal what the secret ingredient was.

So I guess you are not an anchovy hater after all.

Boquerones are a different animal (or fish).
They are a type of appetizer or tapa frequently found in the south of Spain. Boquerones are fresh anchovies whose fillets have been marinated in vinegar, garlic, and parsley.

It's like the difference between canned asparagus vs. fresh, one is mushy and slimy, the other is sweet and perfect eaten raw or roasted. The fresh variety of anchovies are not salty at all and there are no hairs on them either.

I urge you to try these sweet, succulent delicacies if you can find them. They are usually found in gourmet stores in vacuum packages for about 7 bucks. A little goes a long way.

I loved the photo in Saveur magazine showing deviled eggs topped with boquerones and white caviar (which I omitted).

These were simple and beautiful and my new favorite way to serve deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs w/ Boquerones:

4 hard boiled eggs (12 minutes)
1 tbsp of Hellman's REAL mayo
1 tsp of Dijon mustard
8 boquerones (fresh white anchovies)
fresh snipped chives for garnish
mixed greens for plating

Spoon out the hard boiled yolks into a bowl and mash them with the mayo and mustard and whatever else you like to add to your eggs. I kept these simple this time, sorry, no pickle relish.

Either with a spoon or piping bag (fancy me), pipe the yolk mixture into the egg white and lay on a bed of greens.

Lay 1 boquerone on each egg and decorate with fresh spring chives.

Drizzle with some olive oil before serving.


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The JR said…
I haven't seen the fresh.

I use the canned in my pasta sauce.
Anonymous said…
Is it real or is it Memorex? You nailed that Saveur photo but good! And for the literati amongst us, go to Ernest Hemingway for rhapsodical descriptions of fresh sardines - he loved them.
Anonymous said…
Stacey - can you pls. reveal were you purchased your Boquerones???
mekirilloff said…
These look amazing! Can't wait to do it myself!!
stacey snacks said…
I live in NJ and bought the boquerones at Wine Library in Millburn. They have a great gourmet foods department.

dawn said…
where can i find Boquerones??? Amazon??? I live in ohio... Are there possibly any other names for these???? I love, love love anchovies... and like you... I love revealing that the secret ingredient was anchovy... I always get a strangely abhorent reaction... but then they cannot honestly say they hate anchovies right????
Lori Lynn said…
I saw that photo too, and also plan to make these. Yours look perfect!
Food Jaunts said…
I'm not the biggest anchovie fan when they're plain, although I love them in dish to add a bit of savory something. I've never seen the fresh version before, and love the idea of topping some deviled eggs with them. I'll have to keep my eye out for boquerones.