Coney Island Bites

Even though my family is from Brooklyn all the way back to the early 1900's, I confess, I had never been to Coney Island before.

Back in the day, my father's family had a summer bungalow here, when people had summer bungalows here and the famous steeplechase was the main attraction.

The people that frequent Coney Island today have no interest in bungalows, trust me, and the steeplechase is long gone.

It was an interesting place, with the Cyclone, the Wonder Wheel and all the rides which would make me throw up, I am sure.

My husband insisted in standing in the LONG line for a famous Nathan's hot dog.

What's the big deal?
Still not sure.

Enter at your own risk.

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Brings back memories. My mother was originally from Brooklyn and although she moved to " Jersey" we visited her family every Sunday. Coney Island was just one of the places my cousins frequently took me too. Can't forget Nathans and that Cyclone!
I've only been to Coney Island once myself. I was in high school and my father was living in Brooklyn at the time and he and my stepmother felt I should have the experience. As a hot dog lover, I was pretty into the whole Nathan's experience. We didn't do much else though other than look around. As much as they wanted me to see it, they really weren't all that into it themselves.
Since I grew up in Brooklyn, and still live here, Coney island will alway be a favorite place to hang out. I've even braved the swinging cars on the Wonder Wheel and rode the Cyclone! Nathans is iconic -- just like Katz Deli--it is more about the experience than the food! :)

The days of the Steeplechase amusement park were the glory days for Coney sadly was never the same after they closed down and were demolished, but there has been a recnt big push to revitalize the area with new rides and attractions. Thankfully it has become family friendly again!
SarahB said…
It looks like a good hot dog to me!
Mister Meatball said…
I am with your husband. A Nathan's dog, at that location at least, is a fine dog indeed.

I am troubled by there being no mention of a ride on the Cyclone. And so I will console myself by believing that, of course, you rode the Cyclone, but simply neglected to mention it.
Stacey Snacks said…
Mr. M
I wrote about the cyclone I said I throw up on rides!!
Anonymous said…
Hen's Mom rode the roller coaster at Olympic Park in Irvington way back when - 7 times .. in a row.
And I didn't throw up either.
Joanne said…
Did you get russian food at the end of the boardwalk? I feel like that's kind of a staple also. :P
We're interested in bungalows! The Coney Island History Project has an online archive of oral history interviews with people who have memories of Coney Island. There are also a few photos of bungalow colonies on our blog Ask Mr Coney Island. If your family would like to share stories, visit us next time you come to Coney Island!
Debbie W said…
My grandparents lived in one of the apartment houses behind the Wonder Wheel so I spent many days on the beach there. The aroma from the Banomo Turkish Taffy factory added to the ambience. A trip to the aquarium and a day on the beach....what could be better? We returned last summer. You missed the large groups on the boardwalk playing music.and the funky bar the city closed (or did they get to stay open?) A fun place when you live in the don't need a car and the beach is free. (You had to have the fries with the hot dog.)
Sweet picture of the two of you! Not into hot dogs as they make me sleep, but when on location it would be hard to pass up. Love the views of the "folks" walking around!
Anonymous said…
I spent the first seven years of my life in Coney Island. Every Friday night in the summer there were fireworks you could see outside our apartment window. If we were really good, Mom and Dad would take us to the boardwalk to watch them and we would get a potato knish. I can still taste it, and have never had one again that was as good. Certainly we ate the Nathan's (or other) hot dogs, but as a true carb gal it was the potato products that I craved most (and still do all these many years later).
Anonymous said…
As all my sons' silly girl fb friends comment - 'Omg why are you so gorgeous---wtf you're so hot HOTTTIE!!!' Get the picture? You and your Henry are adorable. And mil's da bomb!
Foodiewife said…
I've never been to Coney Island, either. I think I'm close to a much smaller version, at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. Fun people watching, for sure. I still love roller coasters. It's the ones that spin you around that I can't handle. You two look great together, as always.
redleopard said…
Hey Henry - Last night we watch "We own the night" and there was "Nathan's Hot Dog Stand." Tell me inquirying minds want to know in Seattle, how much did you pay for the hotdog? Debby
Stacey Snacks said…
One nice size dog was $4.25 without fries
That hotdog looks a little naked! What no cucumbers, onions, tomatoes or sport peppers? ( that's our Chicago dog) forget the food anyway, you and Henry stand out from everyone, you two are gorgeous!
Dana said…
The photos totally reminded me of the boardwalk in Ocean City MD or Rehoboth. We don't have anything like that in Washington (or along the west coast I would think) so the look, the rides, the food, the people, is so unique. I don't think my parents ever went to Coney Island either.