Sowing the Seeds: March Community Garden

Yes, it is March. Still grey, still winter. It is cold. The trees and ground are bare, but what better to do on a Sunday morning than shovel manure at my hopeful community garden.

This is our 2nd year at the Community Garden. Last year I just picked the fruits of my husband's labors (actually vegetables), but this year I am actually going to get involved with the growing of the fruits too.

We pay for 4 small plots (sounds like a cemetery), and Sunday our goal was to till the soil, plant some seeds, and mulch the beds to get ready for spring. My job was to cover the paths with wood chips. I can do that.

I am not really sure what the idea of "community gardening" is supposed to be.

Are we supposed to work like in a commune? Do we share our produce with one another? Should we say hello to our gardener neighbor, or just look away? We pay for our plots, keep it organic (no weed killer, Roundup, chemicals, etc.). No ornamental flags, bird feeders or wind chimes allowed and keep that gate closed!!! (I wonder if I can bring a boom box and play music? highly doubtful).

We signed up because we really want to grow our own vegetables and we just don't have the room on our property at home.

There are tons of RULES and REGULATIONS here, as goes with any "community" thing, and lots of emails with announcements and mandatory meetings and volunteering to be done, and if not done by specific date, death by electrocution will result.

Why do some of these folks seem so miserable? It's vegetable gardening, people!

I was yelled at twice today by a "nice" old lady who said "PLEASE KEEP THE GATE CLOSED, THE RODENTS WILL COME IN!!!!". What rodents? Like a rodent can't slip thru a chain link fence.

But m'am, I am toting a heavy wheel barrow filled with wood chips back and forth, please take pity. Not a chance. Keep the damn gate closed.

At least our plot is next to Mr. Googootz this year. I am hoping he will give me some of his wonderful Italian vegetables (so I don't have to "borrow" them).

I will be having a weekly progress report on the garden, so I hope you will come along with me. So far, my garlic is coming up! Though I don't expect a thing to happen for another month or so, but I am hopeful.

Who knew shoveling SH*T could be so enjoyable?

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mil said…

What a lovely way to start the day !!! You and Henry are doing a great job and will reap huge benefits from your beautiful garden.
Anonymous said…
From pastries in Paris, to down and dirty in Jerzey, you do it all - love it!
Cali said…
I love the smell of manure in the morning! Look at you in a pile of woodchips and mulch! My community garden is hippy kindness, sounds like yours might be a different bunch in the Garden State! It will be worth it in the end!
LaDue & Crew said…
Oh you crack me up! Love that you're doing this! I'd love to be a fly on the manure when old lady bitch and moan starts crap with you, LOL...
You look adorable! Going to really enjoy your garden posts...
Life's Perfect said…
I to am in the middle of getting veg plots ready for spring gardening in the uk. Very nice blog keep up the good work.
Christine said…
What fun! I can't wait to see what the area looks like by August! Does sound like a rather rigid little group of gardeners. It'll be fun though when you're harvesting your goodies and enjoying them!
Eileen said…
Yes, please give us updates! I am just so amazed that you are outside doing all of this right now. We've had an extremely mild winter in St. Paul, MN., but there is still no way I could be doing anything close to what you have already done.
Joanne said…
People really do go crazy with their rules and regulations. it's the same with my CSA! Sounds like a fun experience!
I really admire you for doing this. Sounds like fun even if it's hard work.
Look at you two already! I'm very impressed and looking forward to your garden updates! Rodents! lol, lol
Anonymous said…
Please make sure that you're not using "treated" lumber around your plots!
Foodiewife said…
The signs are too funny! I confess, that I love garden grown food. BUT, I appreciate that my husband does most of the work. My job is to cook it.
Dana said…
So exciting! I wish I could grow something. My herbs are all I can do for now. I have no patience for gardening but I sure would love to pick my own veggies!
Ann from Illinois said…
All I can say is, you make me laugh! The rodent/fence part is SO funny. I think you will have many more serious old lady stories to share along the way. ENJOY!
Paul said…
You want to garden. Come to California. You can till my acre and grow all the veggies you want . The weather is perfect. The company is excellent. You can stay for a week or 2 then we will send you the veggies. What do you think???
What are brothers for.