Random Bites in March

I haven't done a Random Bites post in a while and I know you miss them.

Here is an update on our Militant Community Garden for this week:

No one yelled at me for leaving the gate open this time, but they still haven't turned the water on, so we had to trek large jugs of water from home to give the new plants a drink.

We planted beets, carrots, radishes, spinach, onions and garlic, some from seed, some from plants. We mulched the beds with hay and hope to see some asparagus stalks from our plants last year, coming up soon.

I found a new way to prepare polenta to perfection.
Instead of standing over the stove and constantly stirring while the polenta spits back at you, I baked it in the oven! You can concentrate on the other dishes and forget about it for 40 minutes.

Here's how:

I sauteed some spinach with garlic and hot pepper flakes in olive oil and set aside.

In a well oiled cast iron skillet, add 1 cup of polenta, 2 cups water and 2 cups chicken stock (4 cups liquid total) with a tsp of salt.

Place in a 350F oven for 20 minutes (you are half way done).
Now stir in the cooked greens along with 1/3 cup of Pecorino Romano cheese to incorporate into the polenta.

Bake the polenta with the greens for another 20 minutes and serve. This was perfect!

Doesn't this look like a Google Earth aerial shot of the desert?

It's not.
It's the bottom of another gorgeous loaf of No Knead bread.

I have been on a kale kick lately.
I eat this delicious green every single day in my omelet with a sprinkling of feta cheese inside.

It is addictive and healthy. Who knew I could love kale so much.

Guilty Pleasures:

Now that it is almost Passover, I buy these naughty chocolate covered matzohs.
I hate matzoh in general, it tastes like cardboard, but this chocolate version of cardboard is my guilty pleasure. (imagine a bland chocolate covered pretzel, you get the idea).
No sharing.

Hey ("hay is for horses"), check out my new advertiser on the left sidebar of my blog. The site is called Samplrs (not misspelled), and it is sort of like a fruit of the month club.

For a small fee every month, you get a beautiful sampler box of artisanal foods, all handmade with love from new companies for you to try, delivered right to your door in a pretty tote. I especially loved this month's selection, with the beet caviar and the amazing Early Bird Brooklyn made granola with olive oil, sea salt, pistachios and cherries.

A cool bunch of guys in the city started the company and I had better buy the stock now! It makes a great gift too. Check it out.


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The JR said…
Neat selection in this month's box.

I like kale too.
I love kale too! Will you be growing it, it does really well here and keeps growing into the fall. I will have to try out baking polenta, nice and easy!
Oooh, I love the new advertiser! I'm always sending my daughter care packages at college through Amazon, but I'd much rather support a local (for my daughter, anyway) business. You've just made me a much hipper mom!
Oui, Chef said…
I am SO trying that polenta technique.
Christine said…
Garden's looking good, hope "they" turn the water on at you "militant" community garden :) . Your idea for polenta is great! So easy!
Love kale, especially in soup, will have to try the omelet idea. Saw the Samplrs link a day or so ago and looks like a super idea, thanks!
SarahB said…
Fascinating polenta idea! You know I loves me some Random Bites! The garden looks good! Those cutie little beet greens!!
Joanne said…
I usually use instant polenta because I am SERIOUSLY lazy but I love this baking tecnique!
I missed this post - I love your garden stories. The polenta looks amazing and will have to try the oven trick. I've heard about cooking in the microwave, but don't have one now. I love matzoh....and the chocolate ones look addictive.
Eileen said…
I can't believe how your garden is coming along! We've had unusual warmth in the midwest, but I'm still afraid to do anything in my garden. I should at least plant my lettuces and peas. If I do anymore than that, we'll have record snow and cold, I'm certain.