Sweet Potato Latkes & a Hanukkah Giveaway!

"Tell your friend Veronica, it's time you celebrate Hanukkah,
I hope I get a harmonica, on this lovely, lovely Hanukkah! (and yes, I will drink a gin and tonica!)".

For the festival of lights I am contributing Sweet Potato Latkes from Ottolenghi's book Plenty.
Just something a bit different from the normal everyday latkes.

It seems strange that there are no eggs in this recipe like the usual potato pancakes, but because you cook the sweet potatoes first, they will stay together.

I served these with creme fraiche and cilantro and they were delicious!

Plenty's Sweet Potato Pancakes:

2 1/4 lbs. sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks

2 tsp soy sauce
3/4 cup of flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar (I didn't use the sugar)
3 tbsp green onion
1/2 tsp finely chopped fresh red chile (if you like them hot)

Steam the sweet potatoes completely, and leave them in a colander to drain for at least an hour. This will remove most of the moisture.

Once the sweets have lost most of their liquid, place them in a mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Mix everything by hand, without over mixing. The mixture should be sticky. If it's runny, add a pinch more flour.

In a heavy skillet, melt about 3 tbsp of butter (you may need to add more). I always add a little olive oil to prevent the butter from burning.

Form into little latkes and fry about 5 minutes on each side, flipping carefully with a fish spatula.

Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream and some fresh cilantro and serve them for your Hanukkah party.

I asked our neighbor Glen how he liked them and he said "I like them a lot-ka!" Get it?

and for your Hanukkah present this year, I am giving away 2 copies of Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty Cookbook to 2 good little boys or girls.

Tell us if you have been naughty or nice and don't forget to sign your name.

Winners will be announced on 12/23 (my birthday, hint hint), along w/ the Keurig Giveaway winner!

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Susan..... said…
I am about to be naughty.

rain said…
stacey,can i make these ahead of time and freeze them?

ooh and im obsessed with cookbooks and food writing. right now im flipping through the two fat ladies' cookbook. (did you ever watch that show? i remember being 10 yrs old and being totally inspired to cook!)
Stacey Snacks said…
I would say yes to freezing them and reheating them in the oven. I do it all the time with other latkes, so why not these?

Anonymous said…
I always try to be nice but sometimes I'm misunderstood.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
You're turning into Santa Claus!! I'll have a few of those latkes - and a gin and tonika too please.
Tamar said…
I hope I have been nice but if someone feels otherwise, I apologize.

Thank you, Tamar at meser dot net
Cookie said…
I am both naughty & nice!
StaceyEsq said…
Exceedingly naughty. I take my children far too often to McDonald's; skimp sometimes on recipes (ask me about my minced garlic in a jar); and spend far too much money on dining out. Happy Birthday in advance (and to think I knew you when you were turning 11)!!
The JR said…
I luv sweet potatoes. That book looks really good.

But, I think if you ask the hubby he'd say I was not a good little girl.....
Anonymous said…
Happy Hanukkah tomorrow dec. 20, 2011..we have 8 tiny gifts for each other, hubs, daughter in NYC and me...we think the holidays are all year round with no jobs, hunger and homeless rampant esp.where we live in the pacific northwest, so we are nice and try to help those who hunger for food, jobs, a place to stay, it is beautiful here, but a person cannot eat the atmosphere and cold, damp, mossy all year thru making hunger more bitter for those who don't have much food..I would love love the books you are giving away, needing some new recipes to celebrate the season..Happy Happy Birthday also one of my best friends is also a 12/23 baby too, best person I ever met after my hubby.so capricorn enjoy and enjoy, love your blog, always get a big smile out of your recipes and musings, adios from mary jane s. at momanddad00@clear.net!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stacey Snacks said…
Mary Jane,
Even if you don't win the book, thank you for that lovely comment!!!

June said…
Usually nice, maybe naughty once in a while, but not in a very serious way :)
Christine said…
Early Happy Birthday Stacey! My dear friend's birthday is the same day. She's the angel who accompanied me to all the divorce proceedings and one of the dearest souls on earth. My brother and niece's birthdays follow next week!

Don't know about naughty or nice, I just try to remind myself that what goes around, comes around and do my best! Plus, my mom ingrained "the Golden Rule" in us from early on.
Hope your holidays are showered with love and happiness!
Joanne said…
I already own Plenty but I just wanted to say that it's an awesome cookbook! And those sweet potato latkes...how have I missed those thus far?!?!?
Dana said…
Good Jew that I am, I have never made latkes. I'm scared of all that oil! But, as with everything Mr. Ottolenghi does, these look amazing. Happy Hanukah Stacey!
Stephanie L. said…
You are too funny! I like that your neighbor Glen liked them a "lotka!". Happy Hanukkah Stacy and thanks for the chance to win the book and the Keurig machine.
Stephanie L.
LaDue & Crew said…
My plan is to be as naughty as I can until the 11th hour... heee heee! Miss you my friend~ Sure wish I could be there to make you a cake to celebrate your special day. I hope you have the best Birthday ever, because beautiful people like you deserve nothing less!!
Allison C said…
I think I have been pretty good this year. I might have been bad about eating too many things that I shouldn't, but not enough to tip me over to the naughty category.
Foodiewife said…
Sweet potatoes, creme fraiche and cilantro. Be still my heart. I've never heard of the book, but I'll have to see if I can peek at a copy (unless I win). I've been naughty AND nice. I won't confess what I did in each category. Mum's the word.
Carole said…
I plan to be naughty on December 21, which is MY birthday! I'm finding many people w/ December birthdays.

Happy early birthday to you, Stacey, and thank you for sharing so many wonderful recipes and stories with us.

Anonymous said…
I made more effort to be nice this year :)And i achieved it, hurray!

What pretty latkes Stacey. The color is magnificent with the white on top. I just took a look at the cookbook and the photos alone are worth the book. They are absolutely magnificent.

As far as naughty or nice, I strive for nice, but sometimes my mouth gets away from me and I turn into Joan Rivers for some crazy reason. Guess I just can't help myself.

Happy early birthday wishes Stacey.
I have been nicely naughty! heehee
madeline said…
I'm nice 99.9% of the time. I think. BUT I DO LOVE sweet potatoes and anything to do with htem so I'll give the recipe a try and keep y fingers crossed ofr hte book! Happy Birthday!I'll tell Lisa Winkler (my sister) to give you something on my behalf!
Lali said…
I'm always try to be nice...sometimes I slip into naughty...can't help it..Happy Hanukkah and BD
Wanda said…
Have a wonderful birthday Stacey!! I've been mostly nice this year and a little naughty....LOL!!
Have you been a good girl???
Debbie W said…
I've got that moral fiber nice thing going. Oy!
My husband's birthday is the 24th. Tough time for a birthday, whatever your faith. Happy Birthday Stacey!
Pat R said…

Nana said…
Nice! Nicer! Nicest!
dara said…
I am really trying to be GOOD by eating more vegetarian meals, so this book would be perfect! Thanks for the great giveaway and I love your blog!!!!!
These look yummy, especially with the cilantro. Happy Birthday Stacey! And thank you for a wonderful year of cooking....Beau came in last night from Australia and we have all our menus planned - most from your blog! Loved the apple/ricotta cake last night and again this am...... Still no snow in MT.
TK said…
I've been a bit naughty, stealing lots of little bites of sweets.
Lisa said…
Naughty, Nice, Naughty, Nice oh I can't decide.
Anonymous said…
I wish I had enough money, time and energy to be really naughty. So I've been moderately so this year.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Colleen B.
denise s said…
I was very nice last night - made latkes for my hubby. Since my food processor died, I used a box grater for the potatoes and onions.
Denise Streit
Oui, Chef said…
I try so hard to be nice, really I do. I hope you enjoy a fabulous holiday season and a stellar 21st birthday!! - Steve
Amy V. said…
Little bit naughty, little bit nice. All evens out in the end. Amy V. (Happy Birthday)
ikkinlala said…
Over a year, naughty and nice aren't ever really an either/or sort of thing.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Rachel said…
I also am too often nice, which makes me want to be naughty every once in awhile. Especially toward our neighbor who made us move the basketball hoop that was in front of our house on the street. It made my boys so happy. Now I want to throw eggs at his house. Sigh.
Cathy I. said…
I try to be nice, but am not perfect. My husband's family has an annual Christmas/Hanukkah party every year and I might try these in addition to the usual latkes.
vlnshosh said…
definitely nice. always with love and gratitude for everything and everyone.

this recipe sounds like a sweet potato hash i like to make freeform with shredded sweet potatoes. recipe came from a NY times about a year ago and i keep it taped to my fridge and whip it up sometimes.

this year i made parsnip and potato latkes w/applesauce. also made some zuchinni fritters - equally delish. chag sameach!
Anonymous said…
By the way its Glenn with 2 nn's.

Your neighbor,
I think I am on the nice list. At least I hope so!

My fiance would love this recipe. I don't like sweet potatoes, so our latkes are always made with regular potatoes. Maybe I will try these for a treat for him!