Breakfast Burritos

About once a week I receive a new product in the mail for me to try from companies that want me to mention them on this site.

Well, I do appreciate the freebies, but some of the items are really odd and taste really bad, and I never know how to handle the situation gracefully. Should I say "this was really terrible, tastes like wood"? Instead, I just throw it away and when I get the emails asking if I liked it, I usually just ignore them.

Last week I received a case (yes, a case) of Tumaro's NY Deli Style Wraps to try.
I am always skeptical about wraps, since they usually taste like glue and just look prettier than they taste when you see pre-wrapped sandwiches at gourmet markets.
But these had me curious.

12 grams of fiber? 80 calories a wrap? 9 grams of protein? All natural? So far, so good. I also liked that they came in flavors. Sourdough, pumpernickel, rye, "everything" and black pepper.

I decided to try breakfast burritos for my first time.

It's basically a Mexican style omelet wrapped up in a tortilla, but this time I used the black pepper wrap instead of a bland tortilla and we LOVED them! (and I am not getting paid to say that).

My taste testers agreed, these were fantastic (neighbor's kids and husband).

Breakfast Burritos: (makes 4 halves)

2 Tumaro's any flavor NY Deli Style Wrap
4 eggs, whisked
1/2 red bell pepper, minced
1/4 red onion, minced
1/3 cup of low-fat cheddar or Mexican Jack cheese, shredded
spicy salsa
avocado, sliced
olive oil
salt & pepper

Make your omelet how you normally would. I swirl some olive oil in a nonstick pan and add the minced onions and peppers for a minute. Then I dump the eggs on top. Sprinkle w/ salt & pepper.

On medium heat, keep moving the cooked sides towards the middle of the omelet (so the omelet cooks evenly), and add the shredded cheese. When it starts to firm up, I quickly fold the sides together to create an omelet.

Lay out your wraps and place half the eggs down the center of each wrap.
Spoon some salsa and an avocado slice over the top and fold together to create a package.

Slice in half and serve.


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Patsyk said…
I'm going to have to look for those wraps... love that they are low-calorie as I'm trying hard not to put on the holiday-weight that I usually do this time of year. Your breakfast wrap sounds like the perfect way to start the day!
The JR said…
BB's are something that we really do like to make and eat.
Oui said…
It's nice to see a company adding some interesting flavors to an otherwise boring old wrap. Breakfast burritos are awesome and yours looks great!
Anonymous said…
How do these companies get a hold of you postal address? I've always wondered when people say that products just arrived in the mail.
Joanne said…
That's my method of dealing with products I don't like as well. I'm glad we see eye to eye on this. These wraps sound fabulous, though!
Dana said…
I just say no to almost every offer I get. Too many yucky things out there. BUT! I could use some of these wraps! I never make wraps, even though I like them, because I can't stand the gluey taste of the wrapper. So good to know that these taste good and are healthy. I see them all the time and have never bought. I will now!
VPerillo said…
Nicholas made his first bb!He followed the directions, and is enjoying it plated on his favoritve, iron man dish!!!!
Daisi said…
Anyone know where they sell these wraps? Whole Foods? I need some!