What's for Dinner? Sole Meuniere

I rarely buy filet of sole, because as a child it was the only fish my mother ever cooked, and she broiled it with a sprinkle of paprika on top. Get the picture?

This is why children hate fish.

However, if you have ever tried a fresh piece of lemon or Dover sole (pricey $) it will change your mind forever.

I buy whatever is freshest at the fish market, and the sole had just been put out. They were very large filets, with no smell (no fish should ever smell, except of the sea). Nice and firm with pink throughout. SOLD.

Sole Meuniere it will be.

This is a simple way to prepare white fish filets (flounder is good too) for an easy weeknight dinner.

It's simple. Coat the fish in flour, salt & pepper, but only just before putting it in the pan or it will get gummy.

In a heavy skillet, add 4 tablespoons of butter with a tbsp of vegetable oil (so the butter doesn't burn).

Add the floured fish filets and when the butter starts bubbling and the fish looks opaque on one side, carefully flip them.

Squeeze a fresh lemon into the pan and add some capers and fresh parsley.

The fish cooks quickly and dinner can be ready in a few minutes.....so make sure your rice or vegetables are ready.

Easy and delicious!

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This is a classic and a great stand-by when you're not sure what to do with fish and you're in a hurry. I frequently use tilapia or trout since we don't see much sole in our area. It looks beautiful Stacey with the capers and butter sizzling.

I'm sorry you didn't care for fish as a child. I didn't either growing up in the south, but who would like a fish that tasted like mud from the Mississippi? Being a grown-up and making your own choices is a good thing, n'est pas?
Catherine said…
Great reminder Stacey! I love this fish and too quickly forget how delicious and easy it can be. Thank you.
The JR said…
That's a tasty looking piece of fish.
Joanne said…
Who could resist that lemony buttery deliciousness!
Anonymous said…
Yikes! Does Mommie Dearest read your blog?
I just bought the most delicious teeny capers and have been wondering what to do with them, thank you!
Mollie said…
For some reason, fish has always intimidated me. But, this sounds do easy.
Lori Lynn said…
HI Stace - one of my favorites. Yours is cooked to perfection!
I'm just so jealous tha you can find beatutiful pieces of sole! As a child, the only fish I had was deep fried or frozen breaded "fish." This is perfect . . . Any child would love.
Jonny said…
at least your mother sprinkled it with paprika. that would have constituted something very foreign in my house growing up. Even butter was considered too French by my grandfather. Lard was his preferred cooking fat, and the only way to make white fish in lard is to batter it and deep fry it. I love a good sole meuniere. It can be so delicate as well as incredibly satisfying and buttery. Great choice!