What's for Dinner? Chicken w/ Cherry Tomato Pan Sauce

This was easy and delicious.

I served this with skinny haricot vert w/ frizzled leeks, but the next time polenta is on the menu.

Easy Weeknight Chicken w/ Cherry Tomato Pan Sauce:

2 chicken breasts, pounded and seasoned w/ kosher salt & pepper
3 tbsp butter
handful of fresh herbs (I used parsley & fresh oregano)
big handful of cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1 garlic clove, chopped
balsamic vinegar

I used my favorite grill pan for this recipe, but a heavy skillet will work just fine.

Season the breasts w/ kosher salt & pepper. Add the butter to the skillet or grill pan and cook the chicken on medium-high for about 4 minutes on each side.

To the pan add the cherry tomatoes (I like to use yellow and red) and garlic and cook with the chicken for another 2-3 minutes, without disturbing them. They will cook down and caramelize.

Splash the pan with about 2 splashes of balsamic vinegar and cook another 30 seconds.

Serve on polenta or mashed potatoes. Delicious and easy!

Did I mention that I hate that it gets dark now at 5:00 pm, and I can't take any good photos in my kitchen with the natural light?

I am mentioning it now.

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Patsyk said…
that is a perfect weeknight meal! I hate that it's dark so early, too... makes taking food photos much more challenging!
Yummy dish, it reminds me of summer. Are you still getting cherry tomatoes, every day I see a few out there I can still pick, but frost is coming soon, and yes, I'm with you, I hate the dark and I miss all that beautiful light for photos!
The JR said…
That's a delicious meal. I could eat that plate and another....
Christine said…
Looks delicious! Since Trader Joe's has cherry and grape tomatoes year round, this will be on my list. One question, what is the reason to pound the chicken vs. cooking as is? So it cooks faster? Still learning after all these years, lol!
Funny, was just writing a friend about how it's getting dark earlier and earlier. Standard Time will resume Nov. 6...darn!
Thanks for this recipe!
Joanne said…
I hate how dark it gets also! It's driving me insane.

That pan sauce sounds awesome...love cherry tomatoes.
Stacey Snacks said…
You are correct. Pounding the chicken helps to tenderize it and keeps the cooking time down, otherwise the butter would burn. 4 minutes on each side should do it!
Oui Chef said…
I lOVE doing chicken with a simple pan sauce, so quick, easy and delicious. Fall and Winter light sucks for photos....back to artificial light and it makes me want to cry.