Fall Dinner: Butternut Squash Ravioli w/ Sage Butter

If you want something delicious tonight for dinner and are getting home from work too late to start a project in the kitchen, try this.

This seems so fancy, you could even serve it to company, but with store bought ravioli, it's an easy weeknight dinner that takes 10 minutes to prepare.

If you can find butternut squash ravioli (Trader Joe's has a decent version from Italy), then put this on your must make list.

For one package of fresh ravioli, take 1/2 stick of butter and melt it on medium-high in a heavy saucepan.

To the butter, add about 12 whole sage leaves and fry the sage leaves for about 3 minutes until getting crispy.

Pour the sage butter over the cooked ravioli, and sprinkle with some sea salt and fresh Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Voila! Dinner is served!

Enjoy and happy fall!

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I didn't know TJ's had a butternut squash ravioli so I am happy you posted this. Your sage butter sounds wonderful. I actually have sage in my herb garden that I don't use nearly as much as I would like to...great fall recipe here!
They look fabulous¨at is a great flavor combiation.


Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'll have to look for these at TJ's. Love the variegated sage.
I love butternut squash ravioli even more than the traditional, I make them once a year. Never tried T.J's for a quickie, I'm sure they're good, their tortellini are.
The JR said…
When I saw the title I was gonna ask you what the secret to peeling those devils was.

I need an ax....
Anonymous said…
Funny timing. We had this for dinner last night, only we used pumpkin and some crispy pancetta. I think it was a recipe my sister adapted from All You Magazine a few years ago. It's one of our favorites!! I ate so much, I was in pain!! If you can't find the pre-made ravioli, you can make them yourself or cheat and use wonton wrappers. Either way, definitely worth it! :)
SkinnyMommy said…
Looks like a great fall dish!
oui Chef said…
Never tried Trader Joe's ravioli, but I love alot of their stuff. I'm a huge fan of the squash sage combo, it rocks!
Nic said…
Looks excellent, I love sage butter!
AllThingsYummy said…
My favorite raviloi. Yum!
Joanne said…
Sage and butternut squash ravioli were truly meant to be together.
Anonymous said…
Michele said…
I bought them and threw them in the freezer. I was planning on a sage butter sauce too. I like the idea of adding in some pancetta as well. awesome!