Paris: I'm Hungry

11 a.m.: What's for lunch?

2 p.m.: Can we stop for a cafe creme?

3 p.m.: Let's stop in this patisserie and buy some snacks for later with our Nespresso.

5 p.m.: What time are we having wine and cheese?

8 p.m.: Where do you want to go to dinner?

If this sounds familiar, then you are obsessed with food on vacation. I am guilty of it. I have to stop in every bakery, butcher and specialty food shop to look around, and usually wind up with a package to go.

Here in Paris, good food surrounds you. So many choices.

Each beautiful colorful front lures you in. We have our favorites and frequent traditional brasseries and restaurants that are not expensive, serving tradtional French fare, nothing fancy.

You will never go hungry, that's for sure.

See you tomorrow in Provence!



Yep, that's me too! Enjoy!
You are certainly getting me all pumped up! Send me a few of your favorite restaurants in Paris. Am anxious to hear how you like Provence. The south has replaced Paris in my heart.
The JR said…
We would be fighting over who was going to choose....
Joanne said…
When you go to Paris, you HAVE to eat everything! It's a rule!
tasteofbeirut said…
Fauchon? Pierre Hermé? Mulot?
Mollie said…
I would love to hear of a few of your favorite restaurants n Paris. i have friends going there in a few months.