Good Ideas: Mixed Grill

When you think of "mixed grill" what do you think of?
Since I had cats & dogs all of my life, I think of pet food. Sorry to ruin your appetite with that image.

In this case, 9-Lives is not the subject, but grilled meats are.

You can throw anything on the grill, any vegetable, animal or mineral (well maybe not mineral).

This is a great idea for the holiday weekend.

I usually serve mixed grill with a romesco sauce or other type of dipping sauce.

I grilled up some straight homemade Italian sausages (made special from my butcher Anthony, the only other man I trust!). Grill them straight up. No extra seasonings needed.

At the same time, add some chicken thighs to the grill. Skin and bones please.
Season w/ kosher salt & pepper and maybe some lemon zest and garlic. I snuck some olive paste under the skin to be fancy pants.

This time I had a lonely head of broccoli, so I sliced it into thin long slices and marinated it in lemon juice, kosher salt, hot pepper flakes and olive oil. These take about 10 minutes total on the grill.

Last put the seafood on, this cooks the fastest. This time I used shrimp, which I marinated in the same lemon juice, hot pepper and zest as the broccoli. Grill for about 2 minutes on each side.

Grill some bread slices too if you dare, and place everything on a big platter.
Sprinkle with herbs and bring to the table.

Best eaten out of doors.

You have an easy summer feast!
Enjoy the holiday weekend!


love a mixed grill - shrimp and the grill are a perfect match...
mil said…
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mil said…
Now that is a picture that has made my mouth water - before breakfast. Delicious. Yummy!!!
Claudia said…
Somehow my mind did not wander to pet food...but I do love mixed grill - something for everyone. The Romesco sauce? What a good idea - that's why I am here. To steal your good ideas.
Joanne said…
This is a seriously quality mixed grill. Definitely NOT cat food.
Foodiewife said…
Happy Labor Day Weekend. Hopefully, you are experiencing a dry basement, and all is well. I can't wait to grill, this weekend. Grilling makes me lazy in the kitchen, as it's so simple-- and so good! Set a place for us. Love those sausages!
I adore your romesco sauce, made it many times. That sausage looks yummy!
Ben said…
Oh, you do make this look soooo good, Stacey! (Now I've just got to make sure my cats don't see your post or they'll never eat the canned stuff again.)

Happy Labor Day cooking!

Paul said…
I assume my brother is the first man you trust, then your butcher, and I fall in where.......