Aix-ellent Eating in Provence

The food here is very different than in Paris. Eggplant and red peppers are served on every menu, as are olives and tapenade.

I learned about the famous confection of Aix-en-Provence called the Calissons. Made with the locally grown almonds. A sweetmeat in the shape of an almond with ground almonds and icing. Fabulous! I have a huge box to bring home!

My favorite store in all of Provence is La Cure Gourmande. They sell local biscuits and cookies along w/ Calissons and CHOCOLATE COVERED OLIVES!

No, they are really just nuts w/ chocolate (like a delicious M&M), made to look like olives!

The shop is amazing and will make your head spin.

There are many local olive oil stores that sell a variety of olive oils, and Provence has different regions, each with their own wine. Rose seems to be the summer wine of choice here.

Breakfast on the patio each a.m. is heaven.

Tomorrow to the Luberon Mountains and its surrounding villages.

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Ciao Chow Linda said…
Are there any more croissants left in that basket? Those chairs, that table, that breakfast, that balcony are enough to entice anyone to drop everything and fly to Provence. I love La Cure Gourmand shop too - I first encountered them in Brussels, but they're all over France. I'd be nibbling on those olive-shaped almonds all day.
Nisrine said…
I'm soo jealous but enjoy every bit of it. Southern France is BEAUTIFUL!
I would love to wake up to that scene each morning. The perfect breakfast, scenery, my head is spinning just looking at everything! Enjoy every second there in beautiful Provence!
mil said…

Just put ditto marks around Ciao,Chow Linda's first sentence and underline same - wow... what a place!!! You sure know how to pick 'em. So happy for you both.
This is killing me Stacey, seeing your posts from Provence! Oh, how I wish we had planned some time there on our upcoming trip to Paris! Visit Venasque if you can while driving through the Luberon Nat'l Forest. Charming little village.
Dana said…
It's no surprise that I ate really well in Provence. So many vegetables and not as much meat. When I would tell people I was veg, they always offered to make me something and it was always delicious. NOT so in Paris. They are definitely stuck in 1970 when it comes to attitudes toward vegetarianism.
Linda said…
Don't miss Lourmarin. It's really beautiful.
That breakfast on the balcony made my heart jump!
Ben said…
Stacey, I don't even know where to begin. That was just way too much food wonderfulness for one post. What a glorious trip!

The JR said…
I'd need a small aircraft to bring home everything I would want to buy.
Joanne said…
You are eating well my dear! I wish I could take a bite of everything!
lisa is cooking said…
Sounds like so much fun. I'd attempt to bring every last thing from the shops home with me. Enjoy!