Too Hot to Cook: Fish w/ Tomatoes & Herbs on the Grill

I hate heating up the kitchen in the summer, and we've been trying to keep it light lately.

I liked Marie's idea of cooking a white fish on the grill on a foil lined baking sheet.

How easy. I can do that. I would normally do this in a 425F oven, however my oven is not getting turned on again until the fall.

I bought some beautiful fresh caught cod at my farmer's market and cut it up. I used a 1/4 size baking sheet as Marie suggested, and it held enough fish for 6 people.

Drizzle some olive oil on the foil and lay the fish on top. Season the fish w/ kosher salt & pepper. Throw some sliced garlic on top and around the fish. Feel free to splash some white wine around the fish too if you are drinking it while cooking.

Throw some halved cherry tomatoes on top (stop throwing things!), a handful of olives, some cut up fresh herbs (thyme, chives, basil, parsley). Lay some lemon slices on top of the whole shebang and drizzle with more olive oil and a bit more kosher salt if you like.

Heat the grill and close the lid. The fish is done when it is firm and opaque. My cod took about 10-12 minutes.

Carefully plate and spoon the delicious lemon garlic sauce over the fish.

This was easy, healthy and delicious!

Feel free to use halibut, tilapia, cod or any firm white fish.



Rivki Locker said…
Lovely way to prepare fish in the summer.
This looks fabulous and is making me hungry for it even though it's breakfast time.
Stacey I've made this several times over the summer and even for my Florida company, also tried it with just shrimp. Glad you liked it, and it definitely keeps the heat out of the house! It's been so hot I can only sneek and put my oven on when Tony's out of the house otherwise he'll divorice me!
The JR said…
Now that looks good!
Unknown said…
Mmmm... sounds lovely! I made something similar to this called Vera Cruz, but in a sealed foil packet, so I'm sure this is tasty.
Joanne said…
Given that I have no grill and no qualms about turning on my oven, this is going in there. Soon.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Had his almost exact dinner but with small potatoes and green beans added last night with my high school buddies at the shore. easy quick and delicious dinner.
Oui, Chef said…
Why do I never think of cooking on the grill this way, a great idea especially when its so freakin' hot out!
Claudia said…
Make this every week!