What's for Lunch? Caprese Sandwich

What's in Henry's lunchbox today?

It's hard to be creative when you pack lunch 6 days a week.
I don't buy deli meat, so it's leftovers (I always make extra), a tuna sandwich, a veggie wrap or PBJ.

Today's lunch is straight from the fridge.

Start with good Italian ciabatta (we have great bread here in the NJ/NYC metro area).

Spread the bread w/ store bought pesto.

Slice a ball of fresh mozzarella packed in water. Lay the slices on the pesto.

Snip 4 basil leaves from your plant (if you have one!).

Next, a slice of a ripe tomato or a roasted red pepper (from the jar is fine),
and last, top with a handful of baby arugula.

Cover with the other pesto bread slice, and a Caprese sandwich is born.

Cover with foil wrap and pack in the lunchbox.

What's in your lunchbox today?


mil said…
Can Henry get his mouth around that lovely sandwich?

What's the squirrel enjoying? Not our bird seed, thank goodness.
Eileen said…
Is that tomato from your garden also??
Carole said…
I am still waiting for Jersey tomatoes to be available--nothing better! Love your caprese salad.
I could eat this every day!
Dana said…
6 days a week? You are a good wife. I only pack a lunch for Randy if we have leftovers from the night before. I do pack Graham's lunch every day and will do Spencer's too in another year. Too bad they wouldn't eat something like this (no greens these days).
rain said…
yum! i always pack leftovers for my husband's lunch, too.

miss stacey, this is completely off the food topic, but i've been wondering if you could start doing kitchen/house tour posts! id love to see what kind of neat antiques and stuff you have around your house since you're an appraiser!
Cream cheese and olive sandwich on Trader Joe's California Protein Bread. My lunch today. Have a great weekend.
Joanne said…
This is exactly my ideal lunch. You can pack one for me, too, if you want!
Stacey Snacks said…
I have a post with photos of my kitchen and some antiques......just go to the ANTIQUES section on my left hand side and you will see it. It's titled KITCHEN TOUR>
P.F. said…
I have a boring tuna sandwich on whole wheat. I like your lunchbox series!
Anonymous said…
What a great idea for lunch.....YUMMY!!! Your "Maine" friend, Wanda
Oui, Chef said…
YUM...I wish you were making my lunch everyday, Stacey. - S
Claudia said…
Leftovers or yogurt or now a summer caprese sandwich! The first tomatoes are in!
Nothing beats a good caprese sandwich, love this!
Arlene Delloro said…
I could live on these.
The JR said…
Your hubby is a lucky man!

That's a cute picture of the squirrel.