Food Gifts: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

I love receiving food in the mail as gifts.

I received a gorgeous bag of special black quinoa from my friend Jenna and I was waiting for the right recipe to try them with.

Quinoa is that super food that is super high in protein and just so good for you.

Since they were black in color, I thought why not stuff them into yellow bell peppers for a nice contrast. and since the yellow peppers were a 1970's price of .79 a lb.!! (I am not lying), I bought a bunch. I have never seen bell peppers offered for such a low price, even at the end of the summer when they are falling off the plants. This must have been a typo.

The black quinoa tasted different from regular quinoa and I couldn't tell you why, but it was the best quinoa I have ever had (not that I have tried so many different types of quinoa in my lifetime).

I sauteed 2 shallots and mixed in some frozen corn, with some chili peppers, cheese and herbs and these made for a delicious, healthy dinner.

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers:

1 cup dried quinoa, rinsed
1 tsp salt
2 carrots, peeled and grated
2 shallots, chopped
olive oil
1 cup of defrosted frozen corn
4 red or yellow bell peppers, cut in half and seeded (leave stems on)
1 jalapeno pepper or hot pepper of your choice, seeded & chopped
1 1/2 cups of Mexican blend cheese (Jack & cheddar)
big handful of chopped fresh flat leaf parsley

Rinse your quinoa and cook it per package directions until the little curly-q kernels are showing.

In a small saucepan, saute the 2 shallots for a minute until fragrant.

To the quinoa mixture add the grated carrot, the cooked shallot and the rest of the ingredients. Taste and adjust seasonings, it may need more salt.

Slice the bell peppers in half and remove the seeds and membrane, leaving the stems attached.

Spoon the quinoa stuffing into the pepper halves and drizzle with olive oil.

Bake in a 375F oven for 40 minutes.


.....and on the subject of food gifts: thank you to Colleen from Smyrna, Georgia for sending me her beautiful homemade fig jams! I can't wait to try them!


That is a beautiful contrast! I just made quinoa last night, but it was SO pale! I've tried red, but never seen black before.
The JR said…
I'm still on the fence about quinoa. But, if I don't like it then there's more for you to eat.
Dana said…
Did you make these for me? Totally my kind of dinner. I too think the black quinoa tastes different, actually maybe more of a texture difference - it seems a little crunchier. In a good way. Can't believe that price!
Joanne said…
Black quinoa is so purrrty! And I bet it tastes super delicious in those peppers!
Jen_from_NJ said…
I like the black quinoa with the yellow peppers. I'll need to hunt some down! Great price on those peppers too!
JDSDB said…
Hey Stace,
So happy you enjoyed the black quinoa. It looks absolutely devine and so yummy!! I guess I can let anyone know who wants to buy some that it is available at Willaims-Sonoma. Love you Stace!!
Anonymous said…
Looking at your quinoa creation, I'm reminded of..."And now... well, being a Christian woman, I can't say it!" - to quote Dorothy's Aunty Em.
Black quinoa, haven't tried it, love the color contrast, beautiful, and good for you!
We have quinoa all the time at the cottage but have never seen the black variety. Nice contrast with the yellow peppers. It's so healthy....and a complete protein. I'm jealous of the homemade fig jam from Georgia :)
Shelby said…
I haven't had the black quinoa yet but have had the red and white and I prefer the red over the white anytime. This stuffed pepper looks AWESOME. I want to try it!
Yum! I love quinoa and am always looking for new ways to make it.