Spring Tart: Ricotta & Pea

If there are any adults still whining about how they still don't like peas, get over it already.

Have you ever had fresh spring peas straight from the pod?
I was fortunate enough to find fresh shucked spring peas and decided on this beautiful tart.

I mixed everything in the food processor for easy cleanup. Fresh ricotta, mint & basil from my garden and some eggs and you are almost there.

This puffs up like a souffle. In fact, I had some leftover puree, so I made some in individual ramekins, sans crust and they turned out gorgeous little souffles.

Feel free to use frozen puff pastry, or Clotilde's easy olive oil crust, which is a winner every time.

Spring Pea & Ricotta Tart:

1 pastry crust fitted in a tart pan w/ removable bottom

1 cup of fresh ricotta cheese
1 cup of fresh spring blanched peas, + 1 tbsp of peas for the top (you can use defrosted frozen peas instead)
3 eggs
handful of fresh mint leaves
handful of fresh basil leaves
zest of a lemon
salt & pepper
1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese

In a food processor, puree your peas (saving the tablespoon of peas for the top) then add the ricotta and whiz to combine.

Next add the herbs and eggs and the lemon zest. Pulse in the food processor a few seconds. The mixture will be light and fluffy.

Season with salt & pepper.

Add the grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to the bottom of the fitted pastry crust.

Pour the ricotta pea mixture into the prepared tart shell and spoon the reserved whole peas on top.

Bake in a 375F oven for about 35-40 minutes.

Let cool a few minutes before removing the tart ring.

Enjoy and eat your peas!


Yeah, my husband is one of those adults still whining. Sigh. This looks delicious.
Nisrine said…
I've never seen a pea tart and I like the idea of being able to eat my peas in a pastry.
denise s said…
Looks great, would never think of using peas in a tart, but will definitely try it.

One observation - your posts are very "green" as in fresh veggies coming in season and from the garden. Like it, especially with all the rain...
Dana said…
OMG, fantastic! Randy used to think he hated peas because he had only ever had canned. I think that is the problem for most people who think they don't like them - try one fresh and it's a whole new world. This is a fantastic way to use them. Love this!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Great use of fresh green peas. Would never have thought to use them this way, but love the vibrant greenness of this tart.
Joanne said…
I loooveee peas and seriously. Peas, ricotta, and mint? That is like one of life's most perfect flavor trilogies!
I was waiting for this, Can't wait to try it! I noticed Trader Joe's had fresh schucked peas, I'm picking up a bag tomarrow. I won Tony over with peas a couple of years ago now he loves them!
I love the flavors that you used in this tart, Stacey! It's so colorful and I bet delicious. You have a beautiful blog and I'm glad to have found it. Going to check out more of your recipes now! :) - Georgia
The JR said…
That's very green!
tasteofbeirut said…
I just made a savory pea shake that was gulped around here and now with the rest of the peas I will make this tarte; looks so much fun with that green color!
kat said…
Oh I love that tart...I want to marry it...oh wait I'm married ok, I'll just eat a whole bunch of it!
Ginny Lee said…
beautiful! my cousins and I used to put our peas in our milk to hide them--maybe this will turn things around for me
Oui, Chef said…
What a beautiful looking tart, just like a slice of spring on your plate. I haven't tried Clotilde's crust yet, think I will now. - S