Random Bites in May & Cookbook Winners

Ok, so we've established that it's finally f@#!*ng spring!
It took long enough to get here.

We know that the freshest spring leeks, ramps, artichokes, fiddlehead ferns (why?), peas, favas, asparagus and radishes (rhubarb for dessert) are on the menu.
Gorgeous baby carrots are begging me to roast them! (ok, you know it's weird when produce starts talking to you).

My beautiful once a year roses (Zepherine Drouhin) are in full bloom despite being waterlogged from all the rain we have had. Stunners.

Here are some random bites for the glorious month of May.

The 2 winners of Heidi's new cookbook Super Natural Everyday are: Erin, who has been a long time reader and loves Kim Boyce's Good to the Grain baking book; and Rachel, who has never tried quinoa and doesn't like tofu either.
Please contact me asap with your addresses so I can mail out the books! Congratulations!

Keeping up with my healthy eating......more quinoa cakes, but this time with a fried egg on top. No more skipping breakfast.

My cute neighbor Emilie had her first lemonade stand! She is such the little entrepreneur!

We shared a delicious tarte tatin at Raoul's French restaurant in Soho. You scoop it out of the hot cast iron skillet and devour it over 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

If you have bad allergies, then New Jersey is the place to be this spring.
Sinus pressure, sneezing, wheezing and watery itchy eyes. Lovely.
This is the border that emcompasses my entire driveway and lawn. It is a 12" border of lovely yellow pollen.

Achew! God bless you.

I cracked up when I read this snarky review by a female commenter on YELP about a Jersey City restaurant.

The Thursday lobster/cod/shrimp/scallop burger special was redic delish.

The mixed meat platter was plentiful, although the meats weren't sliced as thin as I'm used to eating in Italy.

Tons of wine and bottled beer (even draft) options.

Being surrounded by attractive gay and lesbian patrons made me feel hip.

The one downer was also being surrounded by stroller moms...ugh....move to the 'burbs you dinosaurs".


JoJo said…
My allergies have never been worse. Th epollen is everywhere, so gross. I sneeze all day and have a sinus headache. Ouch.

I LOVED the Yelp review....how funny is that? The sun is finally shining, enjoy the weekend Stacy.
Anonymous said…
Oops I forgot to laugh. How's that for dinosaur lingo. Feeling hip isn't being hip. Female commenter? Sounds more like a young bonehead male. Throughly enjoying the new crop of babies in strollers myself. As well as the beautiful spring produce!
SarahB said…
Redic delish. Great review.

That pollen is like Agent Orange as far as I'm concerned!! What a scary picture.
Kelly P. said…
I am loving all the goodies at our farmer's market this spring.
Is a stroller mom the same as a "soccer mom"? Never heard that one before! I love her phrase "redic delish", how funny.

Love the kid selling lemon-aide, too cute!
Joanne said…
God that review is hysterical! in an oh-my-god-what-are-the-future-generations-coming-to kind of way. I can't wait till she's a mom, pushing around a stroller.
Ginny Lee said…
you guys are about two months behind us here in Texas with the pollen--it was a particularly bad season here too despite NO rain. My car was yellow for weeks! Love your blog....bookmarking now :)
Randi said…
Speaking of rhubarb, did you happen to have the rhubarb pie at Maialinos for dessert? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!
Randi said…
Speaking of rhubarb, did you happen to have the rhubarb pie at Maialinos for dessert? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!
Foodiewife said…
Tarte tatin for two? I'm in! I had a major pollen attack, last week. It's calmed down, here, at last.
The egg and Quinoa dish looks great, Stace. I just might enjoy it that way.
The JR said…
That's a lot of pollen.