Are You Tired of Asparagus Yet?

Are you tired of all the asparagus recipes this month?
Too bad.

I love it, and I wish I could always buy it locally (or grow it in my garden) all year long, not just the month of May.

The rest of the year I am stuck with the tough stalks from Peru. So embrace it and enjoy it. (and why does it make your pee smell so weird?).

Today's lunch is poached Jersey asparagus tossed with pistou (what the French call pesto). And to make it extra special, a fried egg on top of the ham.

Inspired by Lunch in Paris, A Love Story with Recipes.

Enjoy some May asparagus........June is right around the corner!


Nope, never get tired of good asparagus cooked properly. I could eat this dish any time day or night. I've looked at "Lunch in Paris" on line and it's on my list. If this is any indication of the recipes, it should be fabulous.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend Stacey.
I'm not tired at all! I just made an asparagus lasagne yesterday, and asparagus with eggs just like you, daily! Love it!
Anonymous said…
Intimately acquainted with asparagus’ odd and very well known side effect, which Marcel Proust once described as transforming his chamber pot into “a vase of aromatic perfume.” Not available at a Sephora near you!
Joanne said…
I could NEVER tire of asparagus! I love how many ways you've found to prepare it.

And it makes your pee smell weird because it produces this sulfurous compound when it's metabolized!
tasteofbeirut said…
Well, it is the first time I learn about the effect of asparagus on one's pee, not that I am enclined to smell it actually, but interesting info nevertheless. Love that simple and flavorful dish you concocted!
Oui, Chef said…
I will never tire of fresh asparagus, though the smelly pee gets old fast. Love this dish with the egg and ham, wouldn't have thought to add the pesto, but it is an inspired choice.-! - S