Mrs. Potato Head w/ Olives & Thyme

I am not a mashed potato person. Not sure why, but give me roasted over mashed any day.

However, I am a "smashed" potato person. Huh?

Maybe it's the act of getting my aggressions out by smashing the potatoes w/ their jackets still on then adding fresh herbs and olive oil to make them much healthier that turns me on.

Serve along side a roast chicken or roast pork loin, and let me know what you think.
You won't miss the butter or cream.

Smashed Potatoes w/ Olives & Thyme:

1 lb. of small yellowfin or Yukon gold potatoes
handful of good Greek olives (green or black, pits removed), finely chopped
a few glugs of olive oil
sea salt
1 tbsp of fresh thyme leaves, chopped

Boil the little yellow potatoes with the skins on in salted water (about 23 minutes for soft). Drain in a colander then put them back in the pot.

With a potato masher, smash the potatoes to a nice rough consistency.
Pour in a few glugs of olive oil (about 1/4 cup).

Add the olives, and season with sea salt. Mix in the thyme and taste to adjust seasonings. Serve immediately.

Remember Mrs. Potato Head?


The JR said…
Those olives and potatoes look like a good match for each other.
mil said…
GLUG?? A new word? But it fits perfectly. Sounds and looks great.
Anonymous said…
She got it from me, maybe, Mil (see my Frankie's meatballs comments). Perfect onomonopia for olive oil exiting it's bottle. I'm with you Stacey, want SMASHED not mashed. So funny, you MUST check out this youtube my kids and their friends are into - - Smashed, mashed and massacred.
Stacey Snacks said…
Actually I got the word "glug" of oil from Jamie Oliver.
His books always say a "glug" of oil.
Just think of the noise the oil makes when you pour it out and it stops, like a glug (or gulp!).
kat said…
I'll take mashed, smashed, name it! Love the addition of thyme, I think it makes just about anything tasty.
Joanne said…
Gotta say, I'm all about the texture of smashed potatoes. Maybe it's some kind of traumatic experience I had with my mom making mashed potatoes out of a box when I was a kid. But the texture is where it's at. These sound delicious!
Jen_from_NJ said…
The olives sound like a great addition to smashed potatoes. Glug is quite fitting when it comes to olive oil. I glug my way through tons of the stuff!
fittingbackin said…
I love the idea of 'glug'! haha so accurate! And this looks great! Any suggestions for someone whose husband HATES olives? anything that could sub in?
I'm with you. Not a fan of mashed potato but smashed...yum. I think it's cause smashed still has some chew. I don't think my mouth knows what to do with mashed. Do you chew, swallow?
Dana said…
I like potatoes any way. Seriously. But I do reserve the mashed version for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I could totally get behind this, especially with the olives. Yum.
Lori Lynn said…
Hi Stace - I'm with you smashed over mashed. I'll take the heart healthy olive oil over butter and milk/cream any day. Love the addition of olives and thyme. Perfect!