Lots of March Random Bites

Technically, spring is only 10 days away, however, March is always raw and cold here in the Northeast. Still wearing our winter coats here for a while.

Here are some random bites for my least favorite month of the year.

First order of business:
Since I never heard from one of the winners on the Pioneer Woman Cookbook giveway, I am offering the book to the runner up, Wanda, who has my site on her toolbar. How could I not give her a cookbook????? Thanks Wanda for the nice comments always.

2. Since we all seem to have lingering head colds this winter, it's soup time.
Here is my last soup of the season.

I made my bean soup with pan seared salami and threw in some fresh spinach at the last second. I feel better already!

3. I baked yet another version of Nutella cake.

This one is the Rozanne Gold version with the yogurt, however I didn't swirl the Nutella into the batter, I just plopped it on top for a richer heavier filling.
It was delicious, and is my new "go to" cake.

I am now finished with the huge jar of Nutella. Good, get it out of here.

4. Another great estate sale find!

I have never seen this 1960's mid century modern HUGE Dutch oven w/ enamel lid before.
In minty condition made by Griswold. I think George Jetson used it! I am looking forward to using this 50 year old roaster.

5. Foodbuzz Tastemakers and Pure Dark sent me some AMAZING chocolate to try.
I don't write about every product I get to try, unless I really like them.

When I think of the word "slab", I think concrete. From now on, I only want this SLAB.
70% pure dark chocolate. It was pure pleasure.

6. This is not something on my healthy eating list, in fact, this is contraband in my house, but my husband snuck it in on his way to pick up milk. He loves it.

This is a TEC sandwich. It is a Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese on a roll. It is a gross looking beige bologna type of meat, relevant to New Jerseyans only. It is spiced pork roll made in Trenton, NJ. People love it. I don't even want to know what's in it. It comes in big net bags, or presliced in a box. You fry it up in a pan and put it on a roll with a fried egg (here at least I put it on brioche!). When you move from NJ you can mail order it to be sent to you wherever you go. Scary stuff.

7. This was a disaster. You are looking at an entire cake in the garbage can.

I wasted dates, honey, 8 carrots, chocolate chunks, a stick of butter and everything else that goes into a cake, not to mention my time.
This cake called the "Modest Carrot Cake" turned out to be the "Most Disgusting Carrot Cake" ever. It was inedible. The author of the cookbook should be smacked.


Oui, Chef said…
I love making impromptu soups like this one, such a great way of using little scraps of leftovers, and is always the perfect dish on a cold, raw day. Bummer about the nasty carrot cake, but love you Jetsons pot...way cool. - S
Love your site. I've made a few of your recipes.

I'm a Jersey girl and Hubby's from California. He can now not live without Taylor Ham. :D
Susan said…
I never knew Taylor pork roll was only available in these parts.
Guess we should really feel lucky to have it. It's so darned good!
Love the "new" pan you found. I love vintage anything but especially kitchen items.
denise s said…
Stacey, I am bummed, I was travelling for business this week, just back, and look and saw I won the cookbook but did not get back to you. Maybe next time. Thanks
Nisrine M. said…
I'm so excited for spring. I can't wait.

The Nutella cake looks so Good. I wish I had a piece for breakfast.
Claudia said…
When we go to NYC, our family comes home with pounds and pounds of Taylor Ham. It is a guilty pleasure and I adore it. It made a brief appearance in MN and then disappeared because no one knew how to cook with it. I would have given lessons! I suppose the stores are saving me from myself.
StaceyEsq said…
After I made the last Nutella cake (which was absolutely delicious), I finished off the rest of the jar with a spoon and promised myself I would not keep it in the house again! So I started laughing at your remark, "Good, get it out of here!" That stuff is dangerous!!
Anonymous said…
Howsabout you smack Max Brenner upside the head w/a Taylor Ham? Love the gateau a la garbage photo. Not a recipe I'd brave, the list of ingredients is bizarre and scary.
That dutch oven is terrific! I recently featured taylor ham in one of my blog posts, too. We're so lucky to live here :)
Anonymous said…
OMG.....Stacey! THANK YOU!!! I am so excited about receiving this cookbook!!! Do you want me to email you my full name & address? You made my day!
Wanda :)
Pam said…
What a bummer about the cake! The breakfast sandwich is screaming my name (and would go perfectly with my morning coffee) and the soup looks hearty and comforting.
Joanne said…
I hate it when whole cakes or pastries have to end up in the garbage. I had three batches of failed attempts at gluten free tart crust go in the trash the other day. It was for a school project, believe it or not, and I eventually got it...but the recipes i tried were from supposedly trusted sources...ehhh not so much.
Stacey Snacks said…
Denise S.
I will still send you a cookbook too, can you please contact me thru email?
I can't find you otherwise.
Love your new find, whatcha gonna make in there? Never heard of Taylor ham, looks like mortadella a little. Love the nutella cake, but I can't have that in my house, (I have control issues)
What a shame you wasted all those ingredients, but I do love the garbage photo!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
You are a riot, posting that cake in the trash! So Stacey! That chocolate bar is a new one for me and now I'll have to seek it out. Love that new/old Dutch oven. I 'm a big garage sale/estate sale person - would love to go with you sometime.
Lisa Faley said…
hahaha! Love the cake in the garbage! Isn't it amazing how some recipes get approved for print? I thought it was just ME who had disasters like this! I have to admit, I once threw a cake over my apartment balcony in frustration (not to worry, no one was hurt).

LOVE the new find!! I would be over the moon with that dutch oven!

Great post! Thanks!
The JR said…
Great find on the Griswold!

I hate it when a recipe stinks....
Swain said…
Thank you for posting a disaster. Clearly the recipe's fault, not yours but still, there's something heartening about someone else's picture of a cake in the garbage.