Brooklyn Bites: Paulie Gee's Follow Your Dreams

So, remember my friend from Jersey, Paulie G.? The one who had the pizza tastings in his backyard that I wrote about 2 summers ago?

Well, Paulie's obsession and life long dream has become a reality.

He quit his day job as a computer nerd and opened a pizzeria in a fringe neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Yeah, that's right. You don't have to be 20 something to do your thing.

He bought a pizza oven built in Naples and started from scratch. He has been written up in many of the NY magazines as one of the top pizzerias in and around NYC. We went there on a recent Friday night.

Remember those beautiful backyard brick oven pizzas? Well, they tasted even better in his new fantastic place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The space is beautiful. Long wooden farm tables decorated with votive candles and hand hewn wooden beams make it look like a lodge.

There is an amazing wine list (yes, a good wine list in a pizzeria) and they use big stripped down tomato cans as wine buckets. How creative! A secret barn door entrance in an old ship building and lumber industry neighborhood invites you in.

We tried the Del Boy: Spicy Sopressata with tomatoes and fior di latte.

The Brian De Parma (don't you love the names????): A straight tomato & Parmigiana Reggiano pie.
The Red, White & Greenberg: Fior di latte, Guanciale (that wonderful pork jowl), house pickled onions and arugula. My favorite.

The Cherry Jones seemed to be the popular pie of the evening with gorgonzola and dried cherries. I am not that adventurous. Give me time.
They also had a nice selection of vegan pies and the menu changes often.

click on menu to enlarge

This is not your everyday Naples pie. Cooked for 90 seconds in the 1000F degree wood burning pizza oven (Naples law, or the pizza police will arrest you), every pie comes out with those beautiful black bubbles, yet the dough is tender and soft to the bite.

This is artisanal pizza making at its finest.
Don't forget to say hello to Paulie and tell him that I sent you.

Follow your dreams (whatever they may be), and take a ride to Brooklyn.
You will be glad you did.

Paulie Gee's
60 Greenpoint Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Ciao Chow Linda said…
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Ciao Chow Linda said…
OMG these look fabulous - better than pizza I've eaten in Naples! Congrats to Paulie G for living his dream.
What a great post!! Love it and your blog Stacey!!
The JR said…
I'm very happy to see that Paulie G is getting to live his dream.

That's a very creative menu!
Joanne said…
Oh wow I am definitely going to have to check this place out! Greenpoint, here I come!
Anonymous said…
Inspirational! Now if I can only inspire myself to haul ass to Brooklyn and sample one of his pies. Do you know is Paulie communting from NJ or living near the restaurant? God bless 'em.
Bluebird NY said…
Very cool that Paulie opened his own place!
Stacey Snacks said…
Paulie commutes from Warren, NJ to Brooklyn, NY 6 days a week. 55 minutes if there is no traffic. If there is traffic, good luck.
I love the way his place looks on the outside, the pizza looks outstanding, I'd go for your favorite too! Yummm
Angela said…
Delicious-looking pizza and gorgeous new place. Go Paulie!
Taste of Beirut said…
I could not imagine having a restaurant and commuting! he should live there. anyway, the pizzas look terrific and i wish there was a place like that near me..
Anonymous said…
Would love to have the opportunity to go to this place sometime! I hope he is very successful in his business! Looks like a great menu.....Yum!
Wanda D.
deb b said…
Congrats to Paulie. I hope to visit NY sometime, and will keep this on the list. The pies look amazing. If they ever want to expand, San Diego, CA could use a good looking pizza pie from Brooklyn.

Stacy, love your blog
Deb B
Claudia said…
Yet another place to visit in NYC. Like the gorgonzola - love them all. But really love a tale of following your heart. (So shoot me - I can be very sentimental.)
Lisa said…
Hi Stacey
Wondering if you have any info on where Paulie got his backyard pizza oven? Love your blog!
The Food Hunter said…
Pizza looks fantastic. Will be in NYC in a few weeks...could I get here by transit?
Eileen said…
Wish I would have the nerve to do something like Paulie G. Good for him! If I ever get back to NYC, I'll go to Brooklyn and visit his pizzeria.
Stacey D said…
Love, love the story. Pizza looks amazingly delish! Best of success to him!
Salina said…
amazing site I like it and nice pictures...
Jay said…
"This is not your everyday Naples pie. Cooked for 90 seconds in the 1000F degree wood burning pizza oven (Naples law, or the pizza police will arrest you), every pie comes out with those beautiful black bubbles, yet the dough is tender and soft to the bite."

...I thought all Naples pie's were cooked at high heat with a wet dough and that's just the way it is. Are other naples pizzas lesser than this one? I'd love to know your experience as I,unfortunately, have never had a pizza like this ... haven't read that other article you mention at the top.