Sunday Edition: PRUNE theme continued

I never write on a Sunday, but felt I should.

Keeping with the "prune" theme this week (it will end tomorrow, I promise), I wanted to mention we ate at PRUNE yesterday for lunch.

Prune is the ├╝ber hip East Village restaurant owned by chef Gabrielle Hamilton, whose book Blood, Bones & Butter is due out soon (a good read).

Adam from Amateur Gourmet had been bragging about the ratatouille sandwich, so I knew I had to check it out on a random afternoon when it was 20F degrees (interpret the "F" anyway you like) outside; when I had a chance to find a parking spot on the dirty snowy streets; and when I had a shot of getting into Prune without a reservation.

2:00 p.m. seems to be the magic hour in NYC. Empty.

We started with the trout roe and radish salad.

Amazing cocktails (yes, I drink during the day) "Ghost of Mary", and ended with the ratatouille sandwich.

It came with poppy seeds and goat cheese? Who knows, after 2 of those drinks I would've liked anything. Though, this sandwich was a beauty.

We finished with a walk around the block, looking for a place to have dinner.
(That is a salty french fry, not a smoke).

If you find yourself on E. 1st Street, then check out PRUNE. You will be happy you did.

Sorry to interrupt your regular scheduled programming.
Happy Sunday!


Joanne said…
That is one gorgeous sandwich! I am definitely going to have to add that to my list of places to try!
Claudia said…
I love that NYC is still empty at 2 p.m. - everyone sleeping in. I shall add this to my list of eating my way through NYC when next I come.
mil said…
Ah, leave it to my dil to find a GREAT place and have no problem
parking. There is no way dil's husband would have a smoke... he's too healthy!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - Sunday posts are good too lady.
I can't wait for that book to come out next month. She (and her dad, Jim Hamilton who owns Hamilton Grill in Lambertville) are good friends from way back with good friends of mine.
Gabi is such a great writer (and chef). The New Yorker recently ran an excerpt from the book and it was terrific.
Love great finds like this. My sister's BIL lives in the E. Village - I'll have to let him know about it, if he doesn't already.
Anonymous said…
I guess your husband's allowed to say your prune cake looks like MEATLOAF when HE, or 1/4 of him, looks like PAUL BELMONDO! Fire up that salty fry tout de suite for me. Enjoyed the excerpt of GH's new book in the New Yorker. Memories of her family's lamb roasts. One more prune post and you're Princessa di Pruna, ya hear?
Hi Stacey! We made the cod with peas last night. Fabulous! And quite nice cold for breakfast! Thank you.....
Jonny said…
We are huge fans of Prune - we did a review of it a while back - and talk often of when we're going to go back and how we're going to get a baby-sitter(!). So glad you love it too! Gabrielle Hamilton is awesome so we're definitely on the look out for her book. We love her marrow bones and, in general, the simplicity of her cooking. It's all so good, so unfussy, and it just makes you happy.
The JR said…
Sounds like a cool place to eat.