Food Lover's Cleanse: Avocado Tartines

I am a little late getting on board with this.

This is from Bon Appetit and we were supposed to start this diet on Jan. 2 for two weeks after the holidays. Sort of a detox cleanse.

The plan is good. It gives you a fresh approach to cooking; eating a lot of fresh veggies, drink water, eat a lot of fish and eat an avocado everyday. You know how to do it.

I am not following it religiously, but have tried some of the recipes and liked them.

The vanilla date smoothie is delicious and easy (though I added less dates and some honey). Made with non fat yogurt, vanilla, dates, ice and lowfat milk in the blender. Really yummy.

I am also loving the Avocado Tartine. I could eat it every morning.
A tartine is the French version of a crostini, it's an open faced sandwich with a spread on top.

I have read that an avocado is one of the healthiest foods you can eat.
Read here for all of its benefits.

I know you think it's fattening, but it has the GOOD fats, like olive oil does.
Great for men, and helps to prevent prostate cancer.

A friend of mine, who is an athlete, swears that by eating an avocado every morning it keeps her tummy flat. Ok, I'm in.

This is basically a simple guacamole spread on whole grain toast and I love it,
though it's been tough finding good avocados during the winter months.

For breakfast, toast up a slice of whole grain bread.
In a bowl mash an avocado with a fork.
Add some kosher salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Maybe some hot pepper flakes if you really need to wake up & cilantro if you love it, like I do.

I see a crostini post in my future.


The JR said…
That's an interesting breakfast.

I finally found some of those Medjool dates that you luv. I like them a lot too!
Anonymous said…
I've given up buying avocados the last few months. Too disappointing, and too EXPENSIVE, to slice one open that looks & feels a point, only to discover nasty brown splotches and strings. Substituting w/TJ's Number Guacamole, not like DIY, but nice spread liberally on my turkey sandwiches.
City Share said…
A cleanse that includes an avocado each day. That sounds great. I don't think I can find any good avocados in NYC right now. I'll have to file this away for later in the year. Thanks for sharing the simple, delicious recipe.
Stacey Snacks said…
I have been finding that avocados from Chile have actually been decent this winter.
The ones I buy in the summer from California and Mexico have been stringy and tasteless.
lisa is cooking said…
Avocado on toast sounds great for any time of day. And, if it would keep my tummy flat, I'd eat it every day too! Our local avocados are in season right now, and they've been delicious.
Joanne said…
You stomach did used to be a lot flatter back in the day when I used to eat tons of avocadoes. Although, that could also be because I hadn't discovered the joys of baking yet. Hmm.

The tartine sounds delicious!
Dana said…
I am totally on board with the avocado a day idea. What could be bad about that? I know there are only two of you, but I find consistently good and perfect avocados at Costco. Perfectly ripe, flavorful, not watery, no bruises. Wish I was closer so I could share my bag with you!
Perfect lunch/snack! I love avocados and love that they have so many healthy benefits :) Bonus!

This is so pretty, too :)

Margaret Terry said…
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Lisa Faley said…
This is truly one of my favorite breakies as well as a lunch! I don't know how it works with this cleanse, but I also like tomato slices on the other half with just some sea salt and pepper.
I have no problem finding good avocados here and usually always have a couple on hand. I've always ate them with a healthy squeeze of lemon, olive oil salt and pepper. Did you say flat tummy? Hmmm, not working over here!
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacy, Jim from MV. Just made this for my lunch today. Great!!! Going to try and do the one a day thing to get in shape for summer. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I love avocado's but am was a bit hesitant to eat more than a quarter each day. But if it keeps your tummy flat i may just have to try eating a whole one a day!
Anadrol said…
Great snack on the go, healthy for the heart and blood vessels too.