Creative Crostini (but I don't expect you to make these)

Though I know you'll never make these, I have to tell you, these were the bomb.

By Bomb I mean fabulous, not a bomb, like seeing a lousy play on Broadway.

This was part of my New Year's plan to not waste food anymore.
No throwing away vegetables that are past their prime in the fridge, no tossing leftovers. Only buy what we need, eat what I cook, and be more creative with leftovers.

I had fresh sage that was about 2 days away from the garbage, leftover roasted sweet potatoes from last night's chicken dish and a 3 day old bowl of caramelized onions (how lucky!).
I don't expect you to have any of these items in your fridge, so I am just showing off.

I toasted some leftover bread to make crostini. I spread some fig jam, a leftover sweet potato cube, a dollop of caramelized onions and a fried sage leaf on top of each slice.

We opened a bottle of nice wine and had a delicious first course!


Anonymous said…
Hey, just like they make in Napoli, crostini di spazzatura!
I think it's brilliant! Kudos to the Crostini Queen for a creative use of leftovers that looks tasty and colorful, too!
Claudia said…
That's the beauty of crostini - it is so adaptable. I have never, ever had leftover caramelized onions in my fridge. I clearly don't make enough.
Karen said…
Caramelized onions at our house is like wine... there are never leftovers :) Good way to use up food!
Joanne said…
I think I need to MAKE these items appear in my fridge. Pronto. What a great topping!
I am going to create these leftovers just so I can make these crostini...they look mouthwatering
Stacey Snacks said…
Hey, doesn't "spazzatura" mean garbage in Italian?
He who calls my crostini "garbage" must sign his name (or hers!).
Stacey said…
Stacey, you always inspire me with all your ideas and using up everything in your fridge to make a one as delicious looking as yours is genius! Thanks for your wonderful blog I always enjoy reading it and drooling I might add.
sixty-five said…
Believe it or not I basically ALWAYS have caramelized onions on hand, ever since I discovered how easy they are to do in the slow cooker. Then I freeze, either in little "blobs" (latter individually saran wrapped and crammed into a ziploc bag, or (maybe better) smooshed into a thin flat rectangle in a BIG ziploc, so that random shards can be easily broken off.
Oui, Chef said…
It's fun to show off every now and again isn't it? Great, creative use of your left-overs...bravo! - S