Eating WELL in the New Year & a Giveaway

Happy New Year!

Try and read thru the end of my ramble (or skip to the last paragraph, there is a great giveaway!).

Since the beginning of Stacey Snacks almost 3 years ago, I have broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to new ways of eating and cooking.

I have always loved to cook, and eat.
As a kid, I used to read the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook (the one w/ the red & white checkerboard cover) at night in bed, and jot down notes on what I would like to prepare for my imaginary dinner parties when I grew up.

Since reading food blogs, I have opened my eyes to new ethnic foods & their cultures; about the "SLOW food movement"; sustainable farming; cooking what is in season from my local farmer's markets; and have become a better cook, all from people like you, who have an interest and love for food.

I had never heard of ramps, fiddlehead ferns, ghee or scapes before reading food blogs.
(I truly could have made it thru life without knowing about or trying them!).

I am now more AWARE than ever about chemicals and additives in foods.
I NEVER eat fast food or prepared foods.
I ALWAYS read labels.
I TRY and buy my meat (especially sausage & ground beef) from a local butcher or organic farm when I can, and am really trying to eat less of it.

and the most important thing: I only eat REAL foods.

This means, I don't eat artificial foods such as, diet sodas or anything processed with sugar substitutes (no Splenda or Nutrasweet).
A good example of an artificial food: NO FAT POTATO CHIPS made w/ OLESTRA (is that even still on the market?). Who wants to eat chips that give you diarrhea? Sure, you'll lose weight that way!

I realize that not everyone has the time to bake their own bread, but you can certainly find a whole grain bread at the supermarket that is high in fiber, 100% natural and good for you.

No excuses.

We live in a society where people feed their kids chicken fingers or a hot dog every night for dinner.

My mother was a pioneer in the 70's, even if she wasn't a good cook, she always wanted us to eat a healthy meal.
She never bought junk food, and we always had a balanced meal of vegetables with a salad as well as a baked potato and an animal protein.

MODERATION is the key. I love a hot dog, who doesn't? But it should be a treat.....not a daily meal.
Hey, I am going to die of something, but I just don't want it to be a disease that I could've controlled thru what I put into my body.

I will never be a vegetarian, but I love this saying by author, Wendell Berry, from The Pleasures of Eating:

“Though I am by no means a vegetarian, I dislike the thought that some animal has been made miserable in order to feed me. If I am going to eat meat, I want it to be from an animal that has lived a pleasant, uncrowded life outdoors, on bountiful pasture, with good water nearby and trees for shade.”

It's a nice thought.

There must be a reason that so many Italians (living in Italy) live well into their 90's.
It's probably because they buy their food from local markets daily and eat a ton of vegetables mixed in with their meats and poultry.
(and I am sure that glass of red wine everyday doesn't hurt!).

Here is a comment from Mark Bittman's blog from Mario in Italy (not Batali), he says:

“ Just a comment from the other side of the ocean (Italy). I am always a bit puzzled by the U.S. attitude toward food. Here you seem to distinguish between healthy/non-healthy foods judging on the calories content. Well I would rather look at the quality of the fat content and the amount of chemicals inside. If it's good and with a lot of calories, you just eat it in reasonable quantity. ”

So true!

I am certainly not preaching and I don't claim to be a nutritionist (though I play one on t.v.)....but it's good to just be AWARE.
You are in control of what goes into your body.
This is also how I maintain my weight, give or take 5 lbs. No diet sodas or products that trick your body into craving more crap.

OK, I have spoken. Now I will shut up. Thanks for listening and thanks for teaching me so many new tricks these past few years.

For 2011, I am giving away 2 copies of the beautiful Ottolenghi Cookbook. Though I have never visited their establishments in the U.K., I am in love with their beautiful cookbooks Ottolenghi and Plenty. They know how to do vegetables and meats right.

Post a comment about how you are eating better and healthier this year and 2 winners will be randomly chosen on Jan. 6.

Have a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!



Steve said…
Amen. Great, inspiring message. I believe I'll take it to heart. Happy New Year! We took a year off from the "annual" party - way too much going on. But it will return next year. Steve
So much truth here. I too have learned a lot by reading blogs. They have opened my eyes to new foods and healthy eating.

We too are trying to eat local and be particular about the foods we eat. Quality more than quantity is the guiding light when we choose. We are both exercising more and concentrating on our health.

Lovely give-away Stacey. One of my new year's resolutions is to eat more vegetables.
MKTRAT said…

I have learned a ton of new flavor combinations from your blog. THANKS!!

I am trying to convince my wife to go "Veggie" as she says for an entire month. It'll force me to come up with new recipes and maybe she'll appreciate a more moderate portion of protein in the future.

Anyway keep the recipes coming. I love trying them.....
I grew up eating organic and it has stayed with me as best as possible living in NYC - it isnt always easy but if not organic then at least local and always fresh. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Unknown said…
Well said! People are always amazed that I haven't EVER eaten at a Taco Bell. I don't do "FAST FOOD"
Have a wonder, Healthy New Year!
Lynn BB said…
I love vegetables and will try to have more each day.
Claudia said…
I had my first MacD at age 31 after moving to MN. Mostly because people were amazed I never had one. MacD would appear during strike or tech at theatres where nobody left the building for what seemed like days.

I love the "Food Sign" and will have to make one. As my son says when he cooks, "I know everything that's in it!" Happy New Year Stacey. Look forward to your posts.
Bluebird NY said…
Great message, Sta. The foodie blogs I've discovered have been a great source of great recipes and ideas, along with the "farm to table" restaurants up here in NY State farming country. I've been eating healthy most of my life, having grown up with fresh grown food and experiencing organic food co-ops in the 70's. My mother too, was ahead of her time even though she hated to cook! Vegetarian cooking is a great way to stay on track and my goal for 2011 is to prepare more veggie dishes.

Another goal is to do a better job of "influencing" my husband to cut down on the fatty meats, chips and diet sodas that he indulges in between meals. He's getting better but still has a long way to go!

I've been a devoted fan of your blog since day 1 and look forward to your upcoming creations! Happy New Year!
Privatestock said…
Anonymous said…
2011 off to a great start.
1. i emptied every single pantry and the entire fridge. i am only putting in fresh sustainable ingredients that i will use daily.
i have a shelf call TRY IT. I even labeled it with my label maker.
Everyday, I will try something
in the new or healthy or find a great recipe to broaden my horizons.

today is brussel sprouts, tomorrow is swiss chard... etc... green week!!is my theme...

new beginning... to a new year...
rain said…
i'm with you when it comes to eating real food and considering things like burgers and hotdogs as occasional treats.

this year i will try to be better at eating less desserts (sigh chocolate croissants)!
mil said…

Your column should be in the Times Dining section Wednesday.
Excellent advice and so true.
Your blog is educational, beautifully photographed , well thought out, besides bringing delicious recipes into so many lives - so easily.
Thank you.
Well said on everything Stacey! I love your sign and using less meat and wheat will definately be happening here.
Clean and colorful eating is on my agenda for 2011!
Great advice. Most of us know what to do but you show us "how to" do it deliciously. "Your health is your wealth." Happy, healthy New Year to you too Stacey!
Anonymous said…
I just found out that I am eating for two... talk about motivation!
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Stacy. Jim from Montville.

I plan I eating Rez pizza every Friday if I can.
On the same field as you. If it's cooked fresh, it's healthy, all in moderation.
Simone said…
My new year's resolution is to eat less meat, more veggies and to try new things and get out of my cooking rut.
I have Plenty & Ottolenghi on my wish list.
Happy and HEALTHY new year!
Whitney said…
Hi Stacey,

This year I have vowed to only eat meat or fish about once a week. I think everything is ok in moderation so I don't feel that it is completely necessary to give up.

I decided to focus on veggies for 2011 as somewhat as a cleanse for my body. Im just tired of feeling so weighed down and heavy after certain meal (steak! but its my fav)
Bridgette said…
I am starting the year off veggie style. No meat or wheat for at least 30 days. :)
Amanda said…
I've never liked veggies, so I'm planning on trying new veggies in different ways.
Sally said…
Really great post. Recently in undergrad, I took a class on the political ecology of food and agriculture, and almost every day the same themes were stressed - good, whole foods, buying local, and sustainable ingredients.

As for eating better and healthier, I don't buy any processed foods at all. Unless things like mustard and mayonnaise are considered processed? Only fresh fruits, veggies, and meats. My one resolution is to buy local more often.
Stacey said…
I've recently tried to eat healthier. can't remember the last time i've had fast food. definitely can notice a difference in my energy level!
Jen_from_NJ said…
I loved this post Stacey! Great message! I am starting out the New Year by clearing out my pantry.... Hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2011!
Beverly said…
I'm implementing your suggestions into my 2011 eating plan. My daughter is getting married in August so I'm VERY motivated to be thinner AND healthier this year! I am also looking forward to feeling better as a result! I stopped the fast food about 5 years ago and find myself staying at a stable weight just by doing that! (Not that it's the weight I want to be...but I'm choosing to see the glass has "half full" Thanks for all the healthy recipes I tried in 2010 from your blog! We just had the "Grand Manier Olive Oil Cake" this morning....YUM!!
Mom24 said…
I am eliminating processed foods from my and my children's diets. A lot of work, but worth it.
StephanieSells said…
That is so interesting MY key word for 2011 is aware as well!!!!!
Janet said…
Hi Stacey,

Two years ago, I too gave up drinking diet soda and eating anything with artificial sugars. Over the course of the two years, unbelievably, I shed 10 pounds. So much truth into diet soft drinks making you crave more sugar. I love your blog!! Thanks so much for putting your time and energy into each day. Happy New Year!!
Karen said…
I cook everything from scratch, so much healthier and saves money, too. I no longer buy canned or frozen anything.
Elizabeth said…
I'll try to be more aware of when I'm eating just because I feel like it vs. when I'm eating because I'm really hungry.
Melanie said…
Like you Stacey, I grew up eating healthy meals without even noticing it. It was so natural to sit down at dinner table and eat with delight my mother's meals. To my siblings and I, our favorite dinner choices were: mom's zucchini soup, mom's oignon risotto, mom's ratatouille... Education played a major role in my "eating life" and I can't say I have ever eaten badly. I NEED and LOVE veggetables, fruits, eat very little meat as my mother didn't like it and rarely cooked it when I was a child. I have to finish my meal with either a fruit or a yoghurt, this is just what I like best! (Along with a square of dark chocolate, the one with almonds)

How will I eat better and healthier in 2011? By keeping my good old habits, and keep reading your inspiring posts for more dinner ideas!!

Happy New Year!
Melodie Monberg said…
I echo your sentiments. Well said!

I have almost removed all artificial foods from our family's diet. 2011 brings with it a renewed zest to live wholly, to enjoy food, cooking once again. To discover new sauces and cheeses, to create dishes my children will devour and to enjoy eating it all well. Simply enjoy. Simply eat.
Melodie Monberg said…
I echo your sentiments. Well said!

I have almost removed all artificial foods from our family's diet. 2011 brings with it a renewed zest to live wholly, to enjoy food, cooking once again. To discover new sauces and cheeses, to create dishes my children will devour and to enjoy eating it all well. Simply enjoy. Simply eat.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Very sage advice Ms. Stacey. If only everyone would see this who needs to see it. As for me, I grew up with eating everything fresh and home-grown and cooked (or picked in the wild). This year I'm going to give whole wheat pasta another go. I think there are a lot of new brands out there and maybe it's gotten better than the leaden product it was in the past.
Melbourne Girl said…
Thanks Stacey...great post!

We eat real food each and every day. We don't treat fast food as a treat, so much as a stand in meal when I've been super busy and haven't had time to cook anything, but that only happens a couple of times a year....and we never ate fast food for dinner as kids, it was always meat and three veg as we called it.

Too many people rely on fast, chemical laden food as a staple, rather than an occasional meal and use the excuse that it's cheaper. It isn't, not when your health's concerned.

Thanks for all your great recipes through the year. Can't wait to see what's in store in 2011.
Christy said…
We are trying to change to a more vegetarian lifestyle. It's hard for us but we are trying.
Jan Beaty said…
Thanks Stacey for a great and timely post! I'm with you 100% - no fast food, no processed food or carbonated diet or otherwise sodas in this house. I strive to serve quality food and smaller portions for my family.
Discovering blogs has been a true delight for me. I've learned so much about food, it's preparation, and so many great ideas and recipes. Your blog was the first I found, and still is the first I check every day!!
I'm looking forward to 2011...more recipes, more interesting ideas, more new cookbooks to's all good. Happy New Year!
Marla K. said…
Nice Reminder. I always try to buy all my meat from local farmers. It is expensive and therefore I eat less and be sure to cook only what I will eat. Hard to do organic produce in the winter. I look forward to the summer markets again. My worst habit is diet soda, so trying to drink more water and less soda.. but it is addictive and a very hard habit to break. Nothing like the New Year to begin a new and healthier habit.
We have meatless Mondays and Wednesdays on Beaty's Creek. I need to start posting those recipes too.
Noelle Ritter said…
renewing my 2003 "no fast food except in and out burger on very limited occasion during the year" resolution.

also, i'm making my own salad dressings for my husband and I. and i'm continuing to food blog, it keeps me accountable to what i'm putting in my family's body! all in moderation is the key to happy and healthy eating. but you MUST define moderation before you sit down to the table. :-)

love your blog!
kat said…
Matt & I continue to try harder & harder to eat more seasonably & locally. We buy our meats & eggs from local farms & know the farmers. We can & freeze vegetables during the summer to enjoy in the winter. We try to shop only the outer edge of the grocery store as much as possible. We are not people who will ever go vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free or any of that but we will not eat high fructose corn syrup. We eat what we love in moderation & made with the best natural ingredients we can get.
Amy B said…
Your arrozcon pollo recipe is one of my staples. I've learned alot from and been inspired by your gorgeous blog. Glad you're still going strong after three years!
Kathy Walker said…
We get our box of organic vegetables each Saturday. It has really changed the menus I create. We are eating greens, fruits and other vegetables that I had never heard of and are better for it! It has been a life style change. We try to eat healthy and living in California's Central Valley we have an abundance of fruits and vegetables from which to choose!
Vicki said…
I'm making an effort to actually cook every day, not just heat up some frozen thing. They might be convenient, but there are too many preservatives and unknowns.
vlnshosh said…
I love eating natural foods where I can identify every ingredient! I wish whole foods market wasn't so expensive. there is a fantastic super market in the bay area called berkeley bowl which sells every kind of variety of produce imagineable, plus great bulk section, fresh meats and seafoods and a great prepared foods part.

i love your food blog stacy and make your "snacks" all the time! thanks for sharing :)
AubreyLaine said…
I am eating better by using only organic veggies!
Chris said…
Eating more deliberately.....better planning and execution of meals. Plan leftovers with a renewed purpose of the food. Growing my own vegetables as well!
Amy V. said…
Great post! We share many of the same thoughts on food (which is why I'm sure I love your blog so much!) Processed food elimination is what I'm trying to accomplish this year. And I do try to go local to the extent possible.
Terri. said…
I decided that I was going to add more veggies to my diet, making sure veggies are at least 70% of my food intake.
Anonymous said…
Great post! It's true the more natural the better for you.
Ann from IL said…
I have had a sobering event make me pay even more attention to the flavor of each meal that I eat. My resolution, in honor of my dear friend who has tongue cancer, is to be conscious of what I'm eating and enjoy so many foods for her. These are the joys in life!
Randi Lynne said…
Your passion about eating REAL foods is contagious.

I plan on eating more fruits and veggies and consuming less sugar. Also, less food waste is a constant goal of mine.
Angela A. said…
Hi Stacey,
Thanks for the chance.
I am married with a 3 year old son. Eating healthy and staying healthy is a high priority for me. I meal plan every week, shop and meal plan according to season, at farmer's markets when I can and love sneaking in lots of veggies for my very picky eater. We are on a tight budget but I believe in sacrifing other luxeries like going out to movies or taking trips for eating well and healthy everyday and walking! Novel concepts, ha!:)
Thanks again,
Angela A. said…
Oh, no! So many typos! Sorry
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the inspiration to eat healthier. Your blog has such good veggie dishes, so we plan to have more meatless mondays!

Dennee LA
Ayala said…
I stopped with the snacks at work and i'm eating a few small meals along the day, i used to eat 1 big meal a day...:/
Dawn W. said…
i decided to make 2011 my experimental year... I am trying out a vegetarian diet... By next year, i would like to become vegan but i am easing into the meatless diet and trying to keep balance between the carbs I take in and the dairy... Very easy to overconsume one or both of these... wish me luck! My ultimate goasl is to expand my knowledge as a chef to include vegetarian and spa cuisine thank you... I love your blog!
Ellen said…
Hey Sta! Im working on getting rid of the diet soda, first of all. That is really the biggie. We started in the end of last year eating out less, somewhat driven by budget but now that Im in the groove Im very happy to be eating in. We have a weekly homemade soup and bread night. Big salads with every meal and water with the meal instead of a sugary or diet drink. Im sure theres more but thats a good start for now! Thanks for the chance to win the cookbook!
Thank you Stacey, I truly believe every word you wrote and we too have given up ANYTHING processed... I am LUCKY to have always known about fiddlehead ferns because my Mom was from a farm family in northern Maine AND "Everything" they ate they grew, made, and found on the land... Right down to making their own flours from their own grains, and butter from their own cows, etc,etc... and I LOVE fiddleheads(that is all we ever called them). I LOVE your blog and not only do I enjoy your recipes, I really enjoy your writing. It's SUCH FUN to be here with you and I thank you for your entertaining presentations!
Please enter me in your giveaway!!!
Happy New Year to you,
I'm enjoying reading everyone's comments for inspiration! We are trying to eat less meat, so we started 'meatless monday' yesterday. We had a fantistic lentil soup and salad. Happy new year!
Foodelf said…
Great and timely post, Stacey - I'm determined to create healthy lunches to take to work and today is chicken soup from a free range chicken.
Roseann said…
Who can elaborate more. You have said it all!! This is my montra every day. Altho I fall of the wagon now and then when I eat a mini burger at BK, it is not often. Raised in an Italian family, eating well was never conscience, it's in the DNA. I still remember coming into Grandma's house and seeing and smelling a big pot of minestra on the stove. She was an inspiration to wonderful food right outside her door in her beautiful garden. In and amoungst the peppers and tomatoes you would see flowers and even large sunflowers bending with approval at what she grew. My Grandma remains in my heart and in my pantry until today.
Jan said…
I have begun eating at least a bit healthier by cutting out almost all fast food and cooking almost all my food at home. It's not always the healthiest of meals (I love potatoes and butter), but It's not loaded with lots of preservatives and sodium.
The JR said…
We are adding lots more veggies to the table at meal times.

Hoping to turn my husband from his daily fix of Rice and Gravy....
Vicki said…
Love this Stacey.
tasteofbeirut said…
Guess what? I just discovered a farm that is making the molasses I am going to use to make your apple muffins and I met a man whose parents own a farm in North Carolina where they raise lamb , grass-fed lambs, so I am ordering lamb from them .
ktorp said…
eatting local and what is fresh is very important to me. i love trying new recipes and blogs are my favorite place to find new ones. for the new year...more vegetables!!!
The Food Hunter said…
Stacey, this is an awesome post...I am getting ready to do something similar myself. It pains me the way people think about food and what they consider to be healthy. My goal in 2011 is to get my husband on track with this...he's almost there
Lisa in DE said…
Hi, Stacey
What an inspiring message for 2011!

Like you, my mother was ahead of her time when giving us healthy meals every day. She was an R.N. by education so every meal was based on the 4 food groups (of the 1950s). At dinner we had a salad, even if it WAS iceburg lettuce. She put an apple in our lunch bag daily (which I tossed and wish I hadn't). Even today, my mother at age 83 is healthy, looks great (no wrinkles), takes aerobics and yoga and eats even healthier than 50 years ago. After watching the film, "Food Inc" I was repulsed at what happens to animals from farm to table. I have never and will never eat veal after seeing the calf-size white boxes at local farms where the calves stand in their own waste. Read Michael Pollen's books about eating sustainably, seasonably and locally. As he says, "if your great grandmother didn't cook with it, don't eat it". I eat organic meats, including Bison, which is great. We grew up in the "Tasty Cake" territory, close to the Philly factory but we only had their pies in our lunches occasionally. Never chips or sodas. The only time we ate a McDonald's was when my father was in charge during my mother's annual Girl Scout camping week end. Imagine us asking him to flatten his wonderful burgers like McDonald's when he grilled! I admit I was a Taco Bell addict but several months ago, I got sick on their pizza. It was rancid. When I complained, they said no one else had issues, wouldn't give me a refund but promised coupons for future food (like I want to eat there again!) - and which I never got. The Mediterranean food choices work for a reason - garlic, olive oil, red wine, lots of veggies. As someone trying to control my Type II diabetes and my cholesterol, those choices are very important. 3 oz of red wine with dinner helps to increase your HDL (healthy) chol, as does garlic, olive oil and a couple of Tablespoonsful of walnuts in your salad, oatmeal, etc. Happy New Year and Happy, Healthy Eating. Lisa
Jamie Metts said…
Stacy i Love your blogs, all through 2010 you have brighten my day, inspired my foods, and enlightened my mind. I love reading your thoughts and espeicially your France series. How wonderful it would be to experience some of the things you write about. I have made a firm choice to live healthier starting now. I'm sure weight loss will be a lovely side effect but the goal is to strengthen my all over well being. Live healther and DRINK MORE WATER!!! lol i never do so starting now its all water (and a little red wine :)) Hope you have a WONDERFUL 2011 Stacy! jamie metts in Georgia
Lea D. said…
Stacey, I do want to thank you for the past months I've been following your site. My family has never been happier! While we've always eaten well, and locally, your ideas have added a delightful freshness to our meals.

Tonight we are having Chicken adobo - again. I can't get enough of it, and how many times I've had the brussell sprouts with grapes I cannot count.

I am fortunate to spend most of my time in Montana, where my beef comes from a cow in a neighbor's front yard, my five dogs - 2 Great Danes, 2 Newfies and a Leonberger are fed a raw diet that I prepare for them, and last year I constructed about 1000 square feet of raised beds in order to grow nice green things for the pups and me.

Once again, thank you for your daily blog. I love it....Happy New Year!
patpal7 said…
I enjoyed reading everything you had to true. I am trying to eat less and less of the "processed" food. My kids are jumping on board too!
Anonymous said…
Continuing to focus on fruits and vegetables and sustainably produced meats, fish, poultry, etc. My greatest downfall is wine - I can't give it up.
rcoda said…
Happy New Year Stacey and Henry!

Another important thing is to try and east what is IN season as much as possible. If it isn't in season it had to travel a long way to get here and is most likely NOT as fresh as it could be. This also ties into sustainability... crop rotation, etc., and not wasting fossil fuels to move food from a place where it shouldn't be in the first place to a place it shouldn't be in season. OMG... I'm sounding like a liberal... forgive me! :^) It's just common sense.
SerenaSavvy said…
I have decided to be more aware of how foods affect my body, and my health. I'm trying to incorporate more fiber in my diet, which helps me stay fuller longer. I've cut way back on chocolate and soda pop, and I thought I would crave them but after awhile, I don't...well, sometimes a Pepsi sounds SO good! Thanks for a great blog, I enjoy it!
Natalie said…
great post! my goal is to eat in season as much as i more expensive out of season produce!
Dana said…
As if I didn't already love you enough... Well said my friend. I was just walking through the grocery store the other day SHOCKED by the crap that is on the shelves. How can people eat these things? How can people feed them to their children? My diet is far from perfect (I love me a good diet Mountain Dew a day) and my kids' diets include a lot of cheese quesadillas, but I try to use whole grain tortillas, include some black beans, and more importantly, I make the damn things myself. I'm not buying the Trader Joe's version. Again, I am not a perfect healthy cook. But I am mindful, which you are as well. Can't tell you how much I hope to cook in a kitchen with you some day!
Unknown said…
My first goal are to stop eating fast food. It's a horrible habit made of convenience and I'm trying to be pro-active and stop the horrible cycle. My second goal is to start eating locally.
Jen from Edina, MN said…
no more diet coke!!!!!
Meghan Lynch said…
Amen!! I was raised in the 70's this way. Buy locally, buy quality. If it doesn't exist in nature it doesn't go into your body. Millions & millions of Europeans can't be wrong, right?!?!Keep up the great work!!!
TZel said…
We are endeavoring to totally cut out meat and add more veggies and beans to our diet. Thanks!
bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com
Maggie said…
My goal is to cook dinner for myself more frequently. Although I LOVE to cook, I always say its hard to cook for just one person. I'm on a mission to find more recipes that suit my single lifestyle :)
That Mario's comment is so true! I hate when people count calories and go crazy with the numbers. Eat real foods and don't go overboard and you can eat whatever you want! I never eat fast food, but I'm trying to eat less prepared foods now, too. And just cook more in general!

Dewi said…
What a wonderful thought stacey! I didn't even have any goal until I read your post. Ummm, perhaps I should try include legumes in my diet. I think this will be challenging for me as I am really not fond of legumes :)
Marina said…
I will be choosing and eating Low Glycemic foods in 2011 :)
Unknown said…
I so enjoy your blog and have tried many of your recipes!

I discovered my local farmers market last year, and after reading Barbara Kingsolver's book about local ingredients, have really been paying attention to what's in season. It is also great to get to know those who grow your food!

My new year's resolution is to eat local and better!

Ellen said…
Happy 2011! I almost never go to restaurants, because at home I know exactly what I am putting in my mouth. Also when I follow a recipe I try to reduce sugars and fat.
Unknown said…
Happy New Year and I agree with all that you wrote..thanks for the reminders.

I am going to drink more water and get more "outdoor" excercise :)
Jessica said…
Thanks for the tips. In 2011 I plan to go meatless in my brown bag lunches during the day to increase my intake of local fruits and vegetables.
Lisa Faley said…
Well said!! It's like you took the thoughts that have been haunting my brain and put them down in print.

Thank you!

My food goal for 2011 is to make as many children AWARE about the food they are eating as possible. Maybe, just maybe... the children can teach their parents.

For me personally, I plan to judge myself less, enjoy more, worry less and savour more slowly the moments as they come....

Happy new Year Stacey! Thank you for all the posts and inspiration!
dr spinster said…
first time commenting on your blog (which I check daily). This year, I am focusing on "clean"--choosing foods that are organic and local when possible and phasing out non-nourishing "treats".

happy new year!
Margaret said…
Happy Healthy New Year Stacey! This year I am going to cook more from scratch, with more variety and try to walk more everyday! I read labels and never diet! Food is for enjoyment, not for a diet! My diet is my everyday eating, all in moderation. If I've eaten heavier one day, I will eat lighter the next or plan more exercise. I try to balance out my days, weeks, months eating. I do love food and everything connected with it! Food brings us all together to enjoy life! Thank-you for your wonderful blog friendship Stacey! Looking forward to 2011...
Margaret from B.C.
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with all you said! I didn't make any new years resolutions but If I did it would be to teach my children the value of healthy eating. It's amazing to me to see how they follow by example ... Good or bad:)
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with all you said! I didn't make any new years resolutions but If I did it would be to teach my children the value of healthy eating. It's amazing to me to see how they follow by example ... Good or bad:)
Gourmet Goddess said…
Glad to hear someone else thinks like me. I am a huge advocate of cooking everything from scratch - I realise this is not doable for eeveryone and it can at times overwhlem people.

In a nutshell , food is about choices and the right choices will allow us to live a long and healthy life. Give a child a chicken nugget and hot dog every day of their lives ( because it is easy and quick) then that is all they will want to eat . If you are going to give them chicken nuggets/fingers - make them yourself - there is plethora of excllent and easy recipes in the blogger-sphere.

Sometimes children will surprise you with what they actually like to eat - I nearly fell over when my girls from the ages of 4 and 7 could not eat enough grilled asparagus or portabello mushrooms - who would have guessed ???

I could go on and on ..... you have given me inspiration to write something similar on my blog as well .

Moving forward I will continue to make healthy and satisfying meals for my family , venturing to try something new every so often . I may take longer than 30 minutes to cook something - but as my children always say to me ..... " it is yummy mum because it is made with love"

I enjoy your blog and recipes .

Happy New Year !!!