Duck Fat Potatoes

This is a continuation of last night's cassoulet dinner.

Though I am not a fan of fried foods (bothers my stomach), I make an exception to duck fat.
It makes the best potatoes on the planet.

Never greasy and the best flavor. These are a real treat.

I saved the duck fat from the duck confit (it stays for months in the freezer), and poured the drippings into a big skillet.

Cut up some potatoes (I had tiny red potatoes on hand) into quarters, leaving the skins on.

Heat the fat on high until foamy and add the potatoes and stir around till getting nice and crispy. About 12 minutes total. Season with salt and pepper.

Drain on paper towels and devour.


Jonny said…
Not that we need any extra padding on our waistlines, but what a weekend it was at your place! Cassoulet one night, duck fat potatoes the next?(Where was our invitation?) Do we deduce that the current icy conditions are influencing your dietary choices? If so, good for you! There's no better way to get through this time of year than with the cuisine of southwest France. Awesome work!
The JR said…
I roasted a duck right after XMAS and I can tell you that the fat made the best gravy that we've had in a while.

The potatoes look yummy.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I've had some duck fat in the fridge for months. Is it still usable? I've been saving it for something just like this but don't know if it's still safe to use. You and I are on the same wave length - first beans and sausage and now potatoes - you'll see what I mean on my post tomorrow.
kat said…
Oh my what a treat!
oh heavens yes. the best flavor ever. nice!
Foodiewife said…
I'm in love. Seriously. I have duck breasts in the deep freeze that need to be cooked. That's worth extra laps in the pool. I love fried food. Only my waistline doesn't. Once in a while, why not?
Those potatoes look like summertime. Is it summer yet?
tasteofbeirut said…
sounds wonderful indeed! where can one obtain duck confit? I guess order it online?
Oui, Chef said…
I ALWAYS have tubs of duck fat in my freezer and most of them are used for pan-frying potatoes. I'm loving duck week here, great tastes. - S
Lori Lynn said…
If you have to make an exception, definitely go with the duck fat!
Anonymous said…
You know what? I have never tried duck fat fried potatoes :( Everyone says good things about them, i think it's time for me to try it out.