Cassoulet Soup: Sausage & White Beans

It's day 4, and the huge casserole dish of cassoulet is staring me in the face.
Yes, it gets better each day, but by today, we are tired of having it for lunch.

Instead of tossing it, or freezing it, I made soup.

This is a good idea, turning leftovers into something completely different so it doesn't get boring.

I sliced up the remaining sausage and duck pieces from the casserole and set them aside.
Peeled and sliced a carrot.

For 2 leftover portions of cassoulet, I used 2.5 cups of chicken broth.

Throw the beans, carrots, breadcrumbs from the topping and all into the stock. Simmer about 7 minutes until the carrots are al dente (can carrots be al dente? or is that a word used for pasta only?). Now add the meat and simmer another 2 minutes.

Lunch is served!


The JR said…
We do a lot of remakes. It looks good.
What a great idea Stacey. We love cassoulet too, but how many days can you eat it without saying no more.
What a great way of continuing to enjoy your leftovers without getting bored! Looks awesome!

Oui, Chef said…
That is one of the challenges of seems to last forever. Brilliant idea turning it into a soup.
kat said…
Great use of the leftovers!
Lori Lynn said…
Good idea indeed!