Tailgate Winners but No Recipe!

Can I take the day off today?

I am busy preparing appetizers for a holiday party, and don't have time for a new recipe. Please forgive me.

However, I will announce the 2 random winners of the Beef Tailgate Basket Giveaway!

Paige from ATL who loves chili with all the fixin's, and Mary in Columbus, OH who loves BBQ beef on a nice warm bun!

Ladies, please contact me asap with your addresses, so your holiday baskets can go out!

Congratulations to the winners!

See you tomorrow with my favorite new cake.


Enjoy your day off and have fun at your party!
Melanie said…
Yes, do enjoy your time off, but... looking forward to tomorrow! :-)
You will only be forgiven if you tell us all about what you made! :-)

Have fun!
Carole said…
Congrats to the winners.

Stacey, you're always so good about blogging, you're more than entitled to a day or more off.

Happy weekend!