Take Out Food in Paris

Most people have the opinion that Paris is very expensive.
In fact, it is much cheaper to eat here than in most U.S. cities.

We bring in food everyday for breakfast, fresh pastries and quiches from the local boulangerie. It costs about 8 euros per day, including a fresh baguette, not too bad, and worth the calories, believe me.

Lunch is usually a sandwich on the go or we share a salad. We eat dinner at a local bistro, light traditional French fare with excellent cheap wine. I use the word "cheap" loosely. I mean A BARGAIN!

A bottle of good A.O.C. French wine from Burgundy or Rhone is about 4 euros. That's 6 bucks. No sulfites, and delicious. A white Pouilly Fuisse is 3 euros!

Cheese is the biggest treat in France, though not cheap.

I found a fantastic cheese shop (supposed to be the best fromagerie in Paris) in our neighborhood. It is called Barthelemy. The lady who runs it was not very friendly and spoke no English. In fact, she was a bit abrasive, but their cheese is the best that has ever touched my lips. Worth the punishment.

I made the mistake of picking up a wedge of Brie and smelling it, and the annoyed woman grabbed it out of my hands and wrapped it up immediately for me to purchase.
I should've remembered the rule. DON'T TOUCH UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO BUY.
It was worth the smell. A nutty, triple creme Brie swiped on a fresh baguette.
Glad for my faux pas.

There are bargains to be had in Paris for sure.

I bought this huge crock of Pommery mustard that usually costs $20. in the States and it was only $4.!
The wine was 3 euros.....and the BEST butter you will ever eat is $1.50. I could eat it out of the package, sans bread.

The yogurts are also a bargain, at 2 euros for a 6 pack of the very best yogurt w/ vanilla bean specks. All natural and full fat. I wait 358 days every year until I am reunited with this yogurt, Le Fermiere. I am in love with it. It is the first thing I buy when I get off the plane, and my husband thinks I am nuts.

Last night, we stayed in and grazed.

More random bites from Paris tomorrow!


kat said…
Oh, you are back in Paris. Lucky you. All of that food looks amazing. Matt & I kept meaning to have a grazing dinner in Amsterdam but never got around to it.
Dewi said…
I am drooling Stacey, would you send some for me please, for real ..... :)
The JR said…
Sounds like a lot of munching going on over there!
I love grazing for dinner and it must be really great in Paris.
Ari said…
Ahh! I'm at work and my stomach is growling. :-p It all looks fabulous!
Now that's some good grazing!
You have me dreaming about the yogurt and the butter there too! I can't wait to see dessert!
Foodiewife said…
If you ever organize a Paris Foodie Tour with Stacey, I want to buy the first ticket. You're so good at this! Too funny on the rude woman at the cheese shop. Good for you that you have such a great attitude about it. I'm loving your posts from Paris.
Claudia said…
I'm grazing vicariouly and note your bargains and please keep this up. Am going there next spring. I'll brave rude cheesemonger with my terrible French!
Wow, you're so lucky! I actually lived on Rue Visconti 20 years ago as a 3rd year student in paris, it's a fantastic area! So envious, enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Oooohhh that smell!
Anonymous said…
Oooohhh that smell!
Anonymous said…
Good luck getting that pot of mustard back to the U.S. in your checked luggage. Surely you do not expect to use it all up during your visit? (I don't know how long you are staying of course). I managed to get a jar of anchovies packed in oil back from Italy once after I completely forgot I could not bring it on the plane in my carry on!
Jen_from_NJ said…
Stacey, you're killing me here. I want the yogurt, the butter, the wine... and I would even let the French woman slap me for a piece of that cheese! I am glad that you are having a great time!
Carole said…
Looks as though you are having a gastronomic adventure in Paris, lucky girl. Enjoy!
I haven't been to Paris since high school and now you have me really, really wanting to go back. At least for the crazy food deals, right?? YUM!

Leigh said…
We got mustard and duck confit home. Positive thoughts and a little flirting.