Quick Appy: Crabmeat in Cucumber Cups

cuc crab2

Chance are, if you are reading this blog today, it must mean you need a last minute appetizer or idea for your Labor Day party today.

Well click thru the last few days of posts, I posted some good ideas for summer parties.

I love using cucumber cups instead of bread for appetizers.

It saves on the carbs and keep you light on your feet.

I usually make a salmon tartare for cucumber cups, but I had some leftover crab salad, so filled these cups in no time.

You could also do shrimp salad if you don't have fresh jumbo lump crabmeat.

For the cucumbers cups:

Slice a seedless cucumber into 1" thick slices and scoop out the center w/ a melon baller, making sure not to go thru to the bottom.

Turn upside down and drain on paper towels so all the moisture comes out.

Crabmeat Salad:

1 lb. fresh jumbo lump crabmeat (found refrigerated in the seafood section)
2 ribs celery, chopped fine
2 green onions, chopped
fresh dill
2 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
salt & pepper

Scoop some crabmeat or shrimp salad into the cups and garnish with fresh herbs.
Can be prepared one hour ahead.

Happy Labor Day!


Dewi said…
delicious appetizer, will definitely please every guest.
What a great replacement for bread. Especially with such an abundance of cukes right now.
Bossy Chef said…
That look good... we use the cucumber cups for shots of gazpacho for apps too.
Foodiewife said…
How un-labor-us (is that a word?)
This is right up my alley, you clever woman.
Yum1 Anything crab and I am a fan! Looks delish!
The JR said…
Wow, fantastic. Luv crab.
Carole said…
Yum! refreshing idea
Ann from Illinois said…
I just made this and it is fabulous! Thank you for a healthy, "light on your feet" appetizer.