Paris Neighborhood Random Bites

This year we did not venture over to the Right Bank except for a secret dinner party (Hidden Kitchen), which I will tell you about tomorrow.

No Champs Elysees, no Louvre, no double decker buses and no fanny packs.
Been there, done that.

We are content in our little charming neighborhood, close to the Pantheon, the gorgeous Odeon Theatre, the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Musee D'Orsay and ok, even the Eiffel Tower (you have to see that at night).

Window shopping in little boutiques, amazing pastries at Ladure (though the lines extend out the door), Gerard Mulot and a wonderful neighborhood bakery, where the bread is so fresh and the woman greets us with a happy face every a.m.

One of the anonymous commenters corrected me and said Paris was "The City of LIGHT", not "Lights". I stand to be corrected.
And another anonymous commenter told me I won't get the mustard home thru customs. Hey, let's be positive, if I got duck confit thru, then maybe the mustard will make it! No one is going to rain on my food parade.

Beauty abounds at every cafe, corner enamel street sign and piece of quiche.

I am in love with the architecture here as much as the food. The shutters, colors, gardens, rooftops and doorways bring tears to my eyes every day.

The French women, young and old are so beautiful. They have beautiful skin, legs and a "je ne sais quoi" about them. They are dressed beautifully, with scarves and minimal makeup. Brown hair and blue eyes. Their style is something they are born with.

I couldn't have it, even if I tried (and believe me, I have tried to tie that scarf!).

The kids are so adorable. Dressed beautifully, playing and laughing in the gardens, so care free.

Ok, enough with my babbling.

Here are some photos from the hood.

Our front door in the art district with the cool stencil above the keypad.

The lovely comfortable living room..........................

My morning breakfast with a vanilla yogurt, of course.

I will be posting my entire Paris photo album next week, when we get back, so you can look thru.

Tomorrow, I will report in on Hidden Kitchen!



Foodiewife said…
Stacey, I am enchanted with your narrative on the City of Light. (why do people have to be anonymous to point out a mistake...YOU should know I couldn't spell raspberries.)
You scored on that apartment.
It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Smiling for you.
Anonymous said…
It looks so great! Don't know if I'll ever make it to Paris, but I feel like I'm there through your beautiful photos.
I'm mezmorized with the City of Light! I love your apartment, the views and the food. I'd be just as content staying right in that neiborhood. looking forward to your hidden kitchen, oh, and I have no doubt that the mustard will make it home with you!
Dewi said…
Stacey .... you look adorable, and very pretty :)

I think you can get most food thru customs as long as they are completely sealed that's my understanding.
Oh... this post "brings tears to my eyes". We always stay in that neighborhood, at the Hotel St. Germain, 88 rue du Bac, and I haven't been in a while. I am anxious to hear about the Hidden Kitchen. Have read about it so many times. Was it difficult to get a reservation? Looking forward to all of your photos.
mil said…
9/18.. It is almost midnight in NJ and what did my wondering eyes come upon - but today's blog.
When I checked this a.m. I was disappointed not to find one but the difference in time was the problem.
Great pictures!!! Great apartment!!
The entire trip makes my mouth water.
with love,
Kathy Walker said…
How exciting to be able to walk to such delightful places and spend time at various cafes. Enjoy, I am envious.
Eleanor I. Cook said…
I didn't mean to say you couldn't get the mustard thru, only that you need to wrap it very well in your checked luggage in order to successfully get it thru!
Good luck!
Jeannine said…
I love this different perspective that you're offering of Paris. It's fresh and positive. Thank you for sharing ...and couldn't you ship the mustard?
Dana said…
I can just taste the bread from that boulangerie! I don't know Stace - you definitely have a je ne sais quoi about you - scarf tying be damned!
Stacey, I just took a stroll around Paris before my second cup of coffee and scone, thanks to you. Lovely photos: warm, inviting, personal and generous. Merci.
The JR said…
I'm so much enjoying the tour!
Just 9 days until I leave for Paris myself. I am reading through these posts getting so excited. I'm going to be doing the total tourist thing all week - I've never been there and I'm a dork, but I do hope to discover a bit beyond that.