Good a.m. Ratatouille Frittata


Good Morning!

Here is a great idea for using leftover ratatouille.

At the end of summer, I always make a big batch of ratatouille, since eggplants, red peppers, plum tomatoes, zucchini and onions are plentiful in my neck of the woods.

I love it just on its own or served over rice. I make it differently every time, depending on what I have on hand.

It usually lasts all week in the fridge, but by day 5, I am a bit tired of it.
Here is my favorite way to make use of every last bit.

It's a great breakfast or brunch, served warm or room temp and also delicious warm on a fresh baguette.

Ratatouille Frittata (basically a big omelet!):

1 cup of ratatouille (click here for recipe)
6 eggs
1/3 cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
salt & pepper to taste
2 sprigs of thyme, leaves removed

Whisk all ingredients in a bowl.

Pour about an 1/8 cup of olive oil in a heavy skillet. You don't want the omelet to stick.

Pour in egg mixture and cook a few seconds, then turn the heat down low and cook until the sides are starting to solidify, but the center is still wet. I use a fish spatula to check it.

Make sure you are using an ovenproof skillet and not a wooden or plastic handled one!
Place under the broiler about 3 minutes to set the middle.

Using your thin spatula, carefully slide the omelet onto a serving plate and slice into pieces.



Louise M. said…
This is a great looking omelet, and I love ratatouille, I never thought to bake it with eggs.
Have a happy Labor Day Stacey!
Thank you for all your great recipes this summer!
Louise M.
Alisa said…
Yum! How delicious is that! Id love to try this soon. I like what you have here.if you won't mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!
Jen_from_NJ said…
Great idea! That baguette looks delicious. I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weekend!
Hi Stacey! I thought I had thought of every use for ratatouille, but there's this! Look delicious.

Happy Labor Day.
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tasteofbeirut said…
this is a great idea and I am suddenly inspired!
The JR said…
It looks so good!

I like to cook my breakfast for the whole week. Makes it much simplier in the AM's trying to get to work.
The JR said…
It looks so good!

I like to cook my breakfast for the whole week. Makes it much simplier in the AM's trying to get to work.
I'm hungry for breakfast and its 4:00PM!