End of Summer Tomato Tart

tart tomato4

I hope you are not growing tired of tomato recipes!
Don't worry, the season is almost over. Soon enough I will only have squash and carrots to use, so stop complaining.

My lovely neighbors are still bringing me the weekly basket of heirlooms, but I can only eat so many tomato sandwiches.

I made my traditional French Tomato Tart, but this time did a double layer in a store bought deep dish pie crust.

Spread grainy French mustard on the bottom of your pie crust, then spread 1/2 cup of shredded Swiss or Gruyere cheese on top.

Slice your tomatoes and layer them over the cheese, overlapping them (I used about 8 heirloom tomatoes). Sprinkle with kosher salt, pepper and sliced basil leaves.

Repeat with another layer of cheese, tomatoes and basil and bake in a 350F for about 40 minutes.

Drain some of the liquid off the top, since heirloom tomatoes tend to have more water in them. Wait about 20 minutes until the pie sets before serving.

Serve with a green salad and enjoy!

I will miss the beautiful tomato season, it's been a great one this year.


Stacey? A tart? You? haha, this looks gorgeous! I've got a frozen pie shell that might just wind up like this.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Could never tire of tomatoes, especially heirlooms and this gorgeous tart. What wonderful neighbors you have.
Dewi said…
It's the opposite here Stacey, I experience the worst tomato season. I think the weather is too extreme. Last week was very hot, reach more then 100 degress, the next day dropped to above 70's, and very windy. All my ripe tomatoes were wrinkles. I still have a few, and hope can still enjoying them until end of summer.

Your tart is super as always.
The JR said…
Never get tired of free fresh heirloom tomatoes.

The tart looks great.
eldivenlerim said…
looks very very yummy.....
kat said…
What a gorgeous use for those tomatoes. Its been a bumper tomato season here.
Claudia said…
Not letting go of summer tomatoes until the last one is gone from all the farmers markets in MN - meaning I still have time to do this.
Of course you would end summer with a tart! Your neighbors are the best for supplying you with heirlooms. I love your grainy mustard smeared all over the bottom, so good!
A Davis said…
It's probably hard for you to believe, but in Southwestern Oregon, our tomatoes are just starting. What a cool, foggy, summer we have had.
Ellen said…
Hi Sta! We are awash is lovely heirlooms here as well..courtesy of FIL Jack giving me plants in the spring. I am not yet sick of tomato and bacon sandwiches with Virgina bacon (bacon from one of those little shacks on the way home from NC)..to die for! But, this sounds like a fine use for the extras! Im going to give it a try!

love from your SIL..
Dana said…
I love the mustard in there. Since we aren't as lucky in the tomato department, I have been using the good ones mostly in salads. Because they are so precious, it seems a shame to cook them. This looks amazing though!