End of Summer Random Bites


September is my favorite month of the year.

It's still warm enough and produce is at its peak.

The beaches are gorgeous and empty. The kids are all back in school.

The cicadas loud voices are starting to fade out.

It's been the greatest tomato season since I can remember.

We had a strange little family of snails visiting our garden, but I'm not complaining (and no, I didn't eat them!).

It's a great time to cut all of your hydrangeas for drying.
They last for years!

Our late summer garden is growing wild on auto pilot, knowing that in a few weeks it will all have to be chopped down for the cooler weather ahead.

I will be leaving for Paris tomorrow, so I will be a little light on posting next week.
But I am sure I will find the time to share some photos and food from the City of Lights!

See you soon.


mil said…
Lovely pictures as always.Bon voyage to a great photographer, cook, and friend.
Have a great vacation! I love hearing about your Paris foodie adventures.
Anonymous said…
September's tops in Jersey, I agree. So how come you're leaving?
Have the best of times in Paris, Stacey!
Foodiewife said…
This is it. You're gone. I always look forward to your posts from the City of Lights. Lucky you!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
LOVED the buddha and tomato. Bon Voyage you two. I hope you and Henry have a wonderful adventure in Paris and come back with lots of happy memories.
Have a wonderful trip you two! Enjoy every single second as you savor every bite, sipping the best wine and taking in the most beautiful views!
Be safe,
Jen_from_NJ said…
I am so jealous about your trip to Paris. Enjoy!! I can't wait for your posts! I will be enjoying September in NJ...at least it is much better than February in NJ...
Anonymous said…
I look forward to your return. Your adventures allow me to escape with you. Debby in Seattle
Michele said…
Gorgeous photos! Do you go to Paris every year? Have a great time!
SarahB said…
Love the way the late summer garden looks with all the wildflowers! Bon voyage! Can't wait for the updates from abroad!
Lisa in DE said…
Stacey, thank you for your summer musings and pretty photos. Have a wonderful time in Paris! Lisa
Anonymous said…
A great post - those heirloom tomatoes are gorgeous! I just posted my recap about our visit to Paris - I hope you have a chance to check it out :) Have a wonderful time there!
Dewi said…
I am exited to welcome Fall season, but also overwhelm on how fast my summer gone, and felt like I did nothing this year :(

Beautiful garden you have Stacey.
Your garden is just beautiful!

I have to really keep buying those fresh tomatoes while the season is still good. I need to make sauce, sauce, and more sauce for the winter months ahead.

Can't wait to hear all about Paris. I'm going there on the 2nd (my first time). Maybe the next time we're together I won't feel so left out of the conversation when everyone talks about whether or not Parisians are snooty! :-D
The JR said…
Paris, have fun!!!!

Luv the pictures. Especially the box of tomatoes.